Do Cats Get Lonely? How To Help Your Cat With Feline Loneliness


Do cats get lonely because they aren’t raised in a dual-parent household and don’t live in the same area with their other feline friends? Loneliness can be deadly at times, but does loneliness managed to find its way through those furry ever-active cute creatures? Or do humans just feel jealous since they miss their cats …

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Can Cats Have Salami? 5 Major Things You Need To Know Before Serving Salami!


Can cats have salami? One of the questions frequently asked when pet parents are trying to introduce new food to their feline friends. But can it be incorporated into their meals? Can cats have salami? The fearsome of human foods allowed for cats is the only thing that ruins the snacking-time between pet parents and their …

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Are Peonies Poisonous To Cats? The #1 Guide For Your Cat Safety


One of the frequent questions I get from my gardening friends, are peonies poisonous to cats? What happens to the cat if it nibbles on petals? Do they recover if poisoned? These questions hopefully will be answered in today’s article. What Are Peonies Exactly? Well, Peonies are early blooming flowering shrub form the Paeonia genus, …

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Can Cats Have Chocolate? #1 Dangerous Fact And How To Protect Your Cat


Today I was having a conversation about chocolate with my friend, and then he asked me a good question, can cats have chocolate? Well, chocolate is one of the most exquisite guilty pleasures known to humankind, so addicting that it can even attract your feline friend. While they’re not exactly as prone to entryway crash …

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5 Tips To Relieve Stress In A Cat


Sadly, cats can be stressed out so quickly, especially with any changes in their life. Stress in a cat is not a pleasant condition, and it may cause significant complications in the long run. They can become both emotionally and physically sick and may develop physical diseases as well as show behavioral problems. Signs of …

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