Ringworm In Dogs


Do Dogs get Ringworm? Ringworm is a common fungal infection that affects the skin, hair, or sometimes nails (claws) of the dogs. In medical term, it is called Dermatophytosis. The most commonly isolated fungal organisms are Microsporum canis, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, and Microsporum gypseum. This disease also occurs in cats, and other species of animals as well as humans. … Read more Ringworm In Dogs

Cat Diseases and Symptoms


We all love our pets because they make us happy especially our adorable little cats. However, it is heartbreaking to see them get sick and in pain. Did you know that cats make up about 30 to 35% of the pets in American households, but still people do not know how to differentiate if their … Read more Cat Diseases and Symptoms

Do Dogs Get Lonely – Signs Your Dog Feeling Lonely


When it comes down to dog owners, they act the same as actual parents for a new kid! So many questions that keep them up at night. One of which do dogs get lonely? Am I enough for my dog? Do I need to get another companion for my dog? Nevertheless, If you think about … Read more Do Dogs Get Lonely – Signs Your Dog Feeling Lonely

How To Know Your Dog Loves You The Best – Signs A Dog Likes You


Most people, especially new dog owners, have so many questions in their mind. One of the items I received is ” How To Know Your Dog Loves You The Best “. Of course, there are Signs A Dog Likes You. So, if you pay attention to your dog, you will start noticing these signs and … Read more How To Know Your Dog Loves You The Best – Signs A Dog Likes You

Top 10 Tips on How to Keep Cats Teeth Clean – How To Clean Cats Teeth


How to Keep Cats Teeth Clean, this is one of many questions people ask on the internet the same as How To Clean Cats Teeth. These questions are essential. Why? Sit there, eat your morning pancakes with your morning coffee and imagine yourself for 1 second visiting your dentist. Got your attention now? Okay good! … Read more Top 10 Tips on How to Keep Cats Teeth Clean – How To Clean Cats Teeth

Dog and Allergies – Do Dogs Have Allergies?


Do Dogs Have Allergies? The answer to this simple question is YES. Dog and Allergies are the same as for humans. Dogs can have different types of allergies which can affect their health and maybe lifestyle. You must’ve heard someone tells you that their dog has allergies. Or you heard your veterinarian suggested that allergies … Read more Dog and Allergies – Do Dogs Have Allergies?

Do Cats Get Bored? Is My Cat Bored? – Signs Your Cat is Bored!


I noticed so many ask such questions about cats boredom, Do cats get bored? Is my cat bored? What are the signs my cat is bored? Indoor cats and kitties are more vulnerable to get bored. Yes, keeping them indoor will protect them and keep them safe. But it is important to understand that you … Read more Do Cats Get Bored? Is My Cat Bored? – Signs Your Cat is Bored!

Good Pets For Kids – The Best Pet For a Kid


Good Pets For Kids and The Best Pet For a Kid is our topic today. So many people ask about good pets for kids when they decide that It is time to get the family bigger! It is exciting news for your kids, somebody shares playtime with kids, share memories and keep the kids’ company.

Before you decide which is the best pet for a kid and bringing a new pet home, you need to consider many things to ensure the pet will be adequately cared for and loved. Owning a pet is great and has many benefits for both us and kids but there are responsibilities too.

First, you and your family should make sure of having time to take care of your new member, Cats may not need as much work like a dog but you still need to clean the litter box every day, feed it, brushing, nail clipping and even playing with it.

As for dogs, they need daily exercise, training, interact and socialize with other people and animals, as you can notice depending on the pet you still need to have time for them. They are your new family member after all.

Yes, owning a pet is going to be fun and exciting but there so many responsibilities with it. I can tell you owning a pet is almost same as having a new baby. That makes picking good pets for kids and even for you so important. Now let’s see what are these good pets for kids…

1- Fish


It may be a shocking first choice for you, but Fish can be the best pet for a kid. Having fish as a pet can be simple but also complicated and difficult, you might start thinking about keeping goldfish but surprisingly, goldfish are difficult to keep and need regular cleaning as they produce a lot of waste.

Angelfish, betta fish or zebrafish can be the best choice for you as first fish to keep, betta fish are well adapted to survive in isolation and in small amounts of water. However, it is important to keep them at a temperature between 24 and 28°C.

2- Cats


Who doesn’t love those fluffy kittens? they are cute, fluffy and irresistible. Cats need less care compared to dogs and maybe other pets. But they still need regular cleaning for their litter box, Vet checkups and vaccinations, etc. But if you look for good pets for kids, Cats can be an amazing choice!

However, Cats have different personalities and there so many breeds of them, it is important to check which one can be the best choice for your kid. Some cats can be stressed, shy and scared of knowing new people or even interact with new people to them.

3- Dogs

good-pets-for-kidsWe all know that dogs are the best friend for humans, they are loyal and lovely. Dogs can be the best pet for a kid but can be a burden for the family too if you don’t have enough time to take care of them. Dogs require to be taken outside for exercise, socialize with other people and animals every day plus you need to train them.

You need also to know that there are so many breeds of dogs and many of these breeds unsuitable for kids. Before adopting one you need to make sure the dog is sociable and comfortable around kids.

Your kids may help you first 2-4 months with taking care of their new friend, but they will eventually stop doing the tasks, so you must know that there are significant effort and commitment awaiting you.


4- Rabbits

good-pets-for-kidsBunnies or Rabbits are fluffy and cute, very popular nowadays to adopt and kids love them. They are smart and very inquisitive which make it an awesome choice for kids! Note that it is for the best to keep rabbits in pairs.

Without a doubt, Rabittes need time with their daily activities such as exercising, feeding, cleaning and playing with it. Rabbits are social animals so they need to go outside not only inside the house, and you need to spend a good amount of time with them and interacting with them.


5- Arthropods and Insects

good-pets-for-kidsWAIT!! WHAT!

There are many good pets for kids and Insects can be one of them! Don’t be surprised by that! it might be the last thing you thought about or maybe never thought about it, but our small friends can be one of the best choices for our kids.

Keep a spider or an ant farm can be entertaining and educational for children, your child can observe them and learn many things from them, they might start to ask you many questions too!


6- Lizards

good-pets-for-kidsLizards are unique and a new adventure for kids, they can be the best pet for a kid and new unique friends for children. However, it is important to decide which kind of lizard to own. Some Lizards have special needs like UV lights. Lizards like leopard gecko don’t need that.

Whatever kind you pick, you need to know Lizards are different from each other and from other animals. They have different needs and they have unique behaviours.

Plus, If you live in Russia or Canada (Cold areas) you need to provide Lizards with good heat and light, simulating their environment. To keep your lizard happy, you need to feed them live preys like insects, consider it like it’s their exercise.


7- Birds

Believe it or not, Birds are an excellent choice as pets. Although, owning a bird is more demanding. Some birds are smart highly intelligent like parrots and almost all of them are very social.

But all of them require daily attention and care. The best about Birds, there are many choices within, you can pick any kind from inexpensive types like Parakeet to expensive and smart ones like the African Grey Parrot. “This is the genius of the bird world,” says Dr Mavromatis.


8- Tortoise

good-pets-for-kidsOur cute, quiet and easy-going pet! they are the best choice as low maintenance pets for kids. The most important part of owning one is their diet. It is important to know their diet very well because they need a large variety of food. So make sure to research for a good breed for you and their needs.




9- Snakes

good-pets-for-kidsYup, there are friendly kinds of Snakes which you can keep as a pet. Amazingly they can be one of the best choices as a pet. Picking the right breed can give awesome and interesting results for your kid and doing good research for their needs is a must.


What Does Owning a Pet Mean!

Owning Good Pets For Kids can give them super amazing benefits, the best pet for a kid can vary depending on your needs and what you can offer, but these benefits your kid will have with any pet.

*Educational opportunities.

*Unconditional love.

*Teach kids empathy.

Teach kids responsibility.

*Give kids more Confidence.

*Enhance social life.

*Prevent diseases and allergies.


There are so many Good Pets For Kids, many kinds and types of pets which can be kept as pets with a great impact on our life. But you should keep in your mind, adopting and keeping a pet is great and all, but you need to take care of them as they are your own kids.

Caring for a pet and keeping it healthy means keeping yourself and your kids healthy and happy with a good and positive experience in their life.

Pets will provide your kid companionship, friendship, entertainment, education and many more benefits. They have souls and they are living creatures the same as us humans so don’t forget to give them unconditional love and attention.

The best pet for a kid depends on you and what you can offer for pets. Do good research and find the best choice!

Read moreGood Pets For Kids – The Best Pet For a Kid

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