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If you are interested in getting the best dog breeds for your kids, you are reading the right article as we will talk about the 10 best dog breeds for kids. Contrary to what you think, the decision to get a dog for a kid is not as simple as you imagine.

Before choosing a breed of dogs for your kids, you need to read and find out what they are. Moreover, some purebred species are not suitable for survival in a family with kids, as they can be nervous, aggressive, or prefer only quiet families.


General Features Of The 10 Best Dog Breeds For Kids To Consider Before Getting A Dog

When we talk about the 10 best dog breeds for kids, we choose them depending on what most people like. Pets, especially dogs, usually spread an atmosphere of joy and fun inside your house, specifically for your kids. There are several factors you should consider before choosing the appropriate breed for them.

Most importantly, you should identify your current lifestyle by considering the changes and adjustments in your life to make it easier to raise a dog inside your home.

Look at your children’s needs, and make sure they are not allergic to dogs, as children with allergies or who prefer dogs with a low rate of hair loss may need hypoallergenic dog breeds, which will be healthier for them.

After that, you should think about your new dog’s ideal size, energy level, and age. Here are some tips that will help you choose the best dog breed for your kids:

  • Choose The Right Size 

You may have a desire to own dogs of small size so that your kids can carry them, play with them, and put them on their lap, or you may prefer the large or giant breeds. If you can’t decide, then maybe a medium-sized dog is a good choice, and be the right dog for them.

Small dogs are pretty, right? But they may not be appropriate for all kids. A collision or mishandling them can lead to serious injury. Also, small dogs can be more sensitive to cold temperatures, so be prepared to keep them warm.

Furthermore, don’t forget that dogs need to be trained too! Even if it is a small dog, it might show some aggressive actions, apparently compensating for their small size. Make sure you are prepared for this. The safety of children is a priority.

Giant dogs need more space to move around. Large dogs with a long, whip-like tail need a wide place to avoid injuring its tail or damaging household objects. 

Moreover, there are other considerations such as the bigger the dog you choose, the higher cost of its needs like food, supplies, and medical treatment, so the best dog breeds for your kids must be appropriate for your budget as well.

  • Dog’s Energy And Stamina

Perhaps you already know that some dogs have more energy than others. The breed often determines dogs’ level of activity; actually, the breed is not the only determining factor in the case of a dog’s activeness. Every dog should have a routine of exercise, regardless of breed or size, so ensure that you can provide it.

If your kids can’t commit to one or two walks per day, the best dog breeds for them is probably a dog with less energy. If you are looking for a dog that can be their running partner, there are other options. Through the next lines, I will show you the 10 best dog breeds for kids that vary in the level of activity to choose the best according to their needs.

  • The Right Dog Age For Your Kids 

Without a doubt, small dogs require more training and attention, especially during the first six months. Always save some time to rearrange, clean your house, and take care of the new dog. Your dog is likely to cause many problems at home, as it might chew your furniture and personal belongings.

Therefore, these problems will be solved gradually by dedicated training, but patience is the key. If you are raising a small dog, it might be different than you have planned when it gets older. This is not necessarily a bad thing; it just something to keep in mind. If you want you to teach your kids how to take responsibility for others, dogs will be the best dog breeds for your kids.

To make it crystal clear and inspire you, I will recommend the following 10 best dog breeds for kids:

Our Top 10 Best Dog Breeds For Kids Picks

#1 Golden Retriever


The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds globally as it is a friendly and tolerant dog, which makes it a great pet, and their intelligence makes them a highly skilled practical dog to get.

Moreover, the Golden retriever dogs excel at retrieving prey for hunters, drug tracking, therapy, and assistance dogs. They are also natural athletes, and they appear well in dog sports. All of these will surprise your kids and make them very excited with their super dog.

Additionally, these dogs are strong, muscular, medium-sized ones, famous for the thick, shiny gold coat that gives them their name (Golden). A wide head with smart, friendly eyes, short ears, and a straight muzzle is the distinctive sign. In motion, the golden retriever moves with a soft and robust gait, and the tail moves cheerfully.

Golden retriever dogs love to go out, trustworthy, eager for their family’s happiness, and relatively easy to train. They take a cheerful and playful approach to life and maintain this state in their adulthood.

#2 Poodle


Whether it’s a standard, small, or toy poodle, and whether it’s black, white, or apricot, the poodle retains its distinctive high-end look. It is a stylish and distinctive sports dog for your kids in all seasons.

The poodles come in three different types in size: the average poodle, which is the largest one, and then the small and then the tiny toy poodle. 

All three types have the same construction. Most owners prefer smaller pets if they are for very young kids. Young poodles are athletic, possess remarkable intelligence and talent. They are the best athlete among all kinds of Dogs approach him in size, so it is one of the 10 best dog breeds for kids if they are looking for an athletic one.

#3 Beagle 


When we talk about the 10 best dog breeds for kids, we should put Beagle on the list. Beagle dogs are classified among the types of curious small dogs with cute appearance, as it is a brave, social, and fun dog. They adapt to other pets and behave well with strangers. It is worth mentioning that the Beagle dogs are difficult to train despite their intelligence. Therefore, they need to be trained with a lot of patience and effort.

Beagle is one of the types of small dogs suitable for families with small children because active dogs like to spend hours running and playing.

#4 Bolognese 


Bolognese dog breeds are very friendly towards children, and they are also a type of small dog that dog breeders love as it is very playful and loves to spend time enjoying, they are also very curious and intelligent. 

This breed of dogs is funny, and it is a good companion for you at home, whether for walking, playing, jogging. Bolognese’s color is white; it grew up in Italy in the city of Bologna. Therefore, it is called by this name.

#5 Pekingese Dog 


These dogs have great fame among ornamental dogs because they are tiny ones with a height of almost 30 centimeters from the ground. Despite its small size, many people around the world love to breed it, especially for kids.

Pekingese love life with families, but it is mostly independent and likes to have some privacy, so you may notice that sometimes it tries to have some tenacity and sharpness. It is also a jealous dog and tries always to catch attention, it does not accept you to take care of another dog, so you may find it difficult to raise it with other animals at home.

But it is a very easy-to-train dog, and it obeys orders, and if you train it well, you will get a great family dog with which the kids can have great times. It is a very rewarding choice from the 10 best dog breeds for kids.

#6 Griffon


Griffon dogs are always willing to have a funny and enjoyable time with their owner. Moreover, they usually rely on their rear legs for jumping. They have a high percentage of intelligence and skill, making it easy to handle them, especially after they are well accustomed to the whole family. They are energetic and always active dogs.

These dogs possess a great deal of affection towards the members of the family to which they belong. In the vase that they are exposed to any kind of danger or attack, they bark loudly to pay the attention of their owner to help them.

Griffon has a tremendous ability to interact well with children and adults. They are ideal because this breed is classified as a small-sized dog; it is not very heavy at all. It is possible to serve them with vegetables, pieces of meat, and any home food.

#7 Newfoundland Dogs


Newfoundland dogs are one of the great dogs with kids. The origin of them goes back to Newfoundland city, and they take their name from it. This dog is huge, a great swimmer, an inherently social and child-loving dog with a heavy coat in black, brown, gray, white, and black. The dog is usually born with an average size of 25-29 inches in height and about 100-150 pounds in weight.

#8 Bichon Frize


Bichon Frize is a small and robust dog with a lusty character. Due to its soft and curly white hair, this dog is said to resemble a cotton ball. The Bichon frize is a people-oriented, dynamic dog, so it’s perfect for your family if you want a small companion dog to share your kids’ adventures.

Fun and passionate behavior is a primary feature of this dog, makes it an excellent choice for families with kids. Bichon Frize is one of the most popular small dog breeds in the world. This breed is beloved and gentle, which makes it a great companion for almost everyone.

This dog is the best dog breeds for kids if you live in an apartment, but some activities should be practiced outside, so the dog does not become frustrated or bored. It deserves to be one of the 10 best dog breeds for kids. 

#9 Pug


Pugs are tiny dogs considered one of the strongest small dogs. It has a strong character. It is also an affectionate dog who loves to interact with the family. Pug is one of the dogs suitable for living at home, as it is a pet that does not need that much care.

They are also cheerful and good-natured quiet, flexible, domestic, and very friendly dogs in one ward, and they’re good with kids and other dogs. These dogs like to be the center of their owner’s attention, and they can get jealous as well.

#10 Boxer


Boxer is an excellent guard dog. Its body is flexible, covered with lots of muscles, it has endurance, and it is easy to keep it clean as it has short and soft fur.

If your kids are allergic to dogs with fur, then this short fur-dog does not cause allergies. They are medium in size and large in height, it weighs about 60 kg according to the standard of the American breed of dogs, and it has very affectionate brown eyes.

It can cope with various types of dogs or other pets, and it is intelligent. It lives for about twelve years. It is also a courageous, energetic, and dedicated dog, which responds to commands well if you work on his training from a young age. Furthermore, It isn’t too aggressive towards strangers, and they’re playful dogs, and they’re very sociable, so they’re an outstanding choice for family needs. It is the right one from the 10 best dog breeds for kids for a family looking for an energetic dog.



To be honest, I did my best to choose this list of 10 best dog breeds for kids, and I can’t say that we can arrange these breeds from best to worst, actually as we mentioned, it depends on your family needs, interests, and thoughts of your kids. Dogs are a great companion as pets for kids. Choosing the right one is important not only for you but for the dog itself.

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