Dry vs. Wet Dog Food? Your Ultimate Guide Into Dogs Feeding


One of the most controversial topics is dry vs. wet dog food between dog owners. However, when it comes to our own diet, we tend to make many mistakes. Thus it wouldn’t be a surprise if we sit right there all confused about our beloved dog’s diet, right? Perhaps the existence of so many dog …

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Top 10 Most Loyal Dog Breeds


Today, we have listed the top 10 most loyal dog breeds simply because loyalty is one of the most crucial features that we look for in those around us. Dogs are by nature loyal animals that share all the moments of their lives with their owners, feel their happiness and sadness, and help their families …

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Do Dogs Get The Flu? A Dog Parent 101 Comprehensive Guide To Deal With Canine Influenza


Do dogs get the flu? This is a typical dog parent dilemma. Since its first appearance in 1918, flu has always been a headache-causing disease for humans. Is it a mankind-only thing, or do humans’ best friends have to go through their same wintertime-misery? The answer to these questions is yes. Canines indeed have the flu, a …

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Do Dogs Get Depressed? 6 Reasons Why Your Dog Has Been Acting Weird Lately!


Do dogs get depressed like humans, or do they act gloomy as a part of their new tactic to get extra meat slice between meals? Whimsical behavior is hard-coded into the genetic nature of dogs. Nevertheless, sometimes there are reasons why your dog is acting volatile. Could depression be one of those reasons? Do Dogs …

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