Can Cats Eat Raw Meat? Intriguing Fact About Raw Meat For Cats



We often ask ourselves, can cats eat raw meat? I love my cat so much. I want to feed my cat healthy and good food, and she wants it at the same time. Do not worry. In today’s article, we will present you with everything helpful for your cat and answer today’s question, can cats eat raw meat?

Who among us does not love cats and enjoys raising them? These cute little kittens give you an atmosphere full of happiness and fun at home. In return, we keep them happy and take care of them. 

But sometimes, we do not know what to feed our cats, and you might wonder if cats can eat raw meat because many foods put them at risk. So we found it helpful to discuss this issue and answer the question.

When a cat appears in the house, the owner suddenly faces the question of how to feed a new member of the family. Some immediately try to accustom the cat to ready-made feed sold in the store, and others try to provide their pet with a balanced diet of products at hand. But sooner or later, every pet owner thinks of a regime to follow and a list of the best food to feed his cat.


Can Cats Eat Raw Meat? 

Will this very natural product harm your cat’s health? What do vets think of this? Cats have been eating raw meat for thousands of years, and although humans have been accustomed to it for a long time, they still hunt and eat mice and other types of rodents.

This gives us an answer to our main question in this article, can cats eat raw meat? I will tell you absolutely yes because cats still need meat in their diet in order to get the complete nutrition that helps keep them healthy. 

If you are tired of buying processed cat food too expensive for you, try making raw cat food yourself. Although some preparation is necessary, preparing your cat’s food yourself will help keep your cat happy and healthy.

The gut of cats differs from the digestive system of humans in that it is shorter in length and more acidic, so it is less susceptible to diseases caused by bacteria found in raw meat. Some cat owners prefer to cook meat before serving it to cats to avoid infecting them themselves with bacterial infections.

What Are The Benefits Of Raw Meat For Cats?

It is noticed that cats that are fed raw meat become in better health in general.

  • Cat hair becomes healthier.
  • The cat is less likely to be obese.

Of the raw foods that can be given to cats:

For the cat’s diet to be complete and balanced, veterinarians advise adding some nutritional supplements to the meal. Some cat owners prefer to prepare raw foods for their pets at home, and some prefer to buy commercial raw foods, which may be frozen or dried.


After Making Sure That Cats Eat Raw Meat. What Is The Best Way To Give This Meat To Your Cats?

Even though raw meat is one of the main components of the cat’s table, it must be given wisely because if you neglect the rules developed by specialists, you can get serious problems such as helminthiasis or infectious diseases.

List of useful recommendations that he finds to follow to make sure that cats can eat raw meat.

  • The meat should be cut into small cubes or ground into minced meat.
  • Raw meat for cats should not contain any spices or salt.
  • Do not give your cat a frozen or cold delicacy, as the cat may develop cold or tooth enamel, and before serving, it must be thawed to room temperature.
  • Before serving a raw meat product to a pet, it must be frozen in the freezer for at least 3-4 days.

What Is The Best Raw Meat For Cats?

Raw food provided to cats should always be fresh. We recommend that you choose raw meat and raw meat bones only because some raw meat products marketed as pet food (pet meat-minced, meat-pet bone rolls and products) contain preservatives to keep them looking fresh but may be harmful to your cat’s health.

What Are The Cases In Which We Say That Cats Cannot Eat Raw Meat?

Introducing humans’ favorite fatty meat to your cat’s food list is a terrible idea, as some and types of them can negatively affect the digestive system, the most important of which is primarily related to the following items:

  • Pork
  • Mutton (fatty parts of the carcass).
  • Duck.
  • Goose.
  • Minced meat from the supermarket.
  • Big bones.

At What Age Can Cats Eat Raw Meat?

Most veterinarians recommend starting feeding kitten’s raw meat from the age of two months. First, the cat’s body will then receive the building materials needed for bones and muscles.

Secondly, its inclusion in the menu of small pets of birds or low-fat beef will favorably affect the condition of milk teeth and the formation of the bite. However, a raw protein product must be carefully introduced into a kitten’s diet, carefully considering the kitten’s reaction to the new product.

What Food Is Bad For Cats?

If you also want to know what foods are dangerous or toxic to your cat, come with me to tell you the most harmful and toxic foods that should be avoided, as follows:


Can Cats Eat Raw Meat? Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it can be said that owners of cats and other pets often choose to feed their pets raw meat, believing that it contains essential nutrients.

However, owners of these cats and animals do not know the dangers of feeding their cats raw meat that is not heat-treated, so it was necessary to provide a complete and detailed explanation of the question on cat owners’ minds.

If you know that cats can eat raw meat, you have to follow all the instructions and the diet you must adhere to when feeding your cat some raw meat, and I hope you like our article.

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