Can Dogs Get Sunburn? 4 Top Sunscreen For Dogs



Can dogs get sunburn? Well, it is summer, and it is so hot everywhere! Most dog owners want to go outside so often to enjoy this weather with their dogs. The question can dogs get sunburn is vital to protect your dog from complications that will affect your dog’s health, as we will mention later on. 

Hence, without any further delays, let’s begin with our answer to the question!


Can Dogs Get Sunburned? The Ugly Answer!

Unfortunately, the answer to the question of can dogs get sunburn is a big YES. Dogs are just like babies, they are sweet, but it is easy for them to get sick or, in this case, “sunburn.”

When you asked questions such as, can dogs get sunburn? It is not a yes or no question, but it is more than that. Down below, we will discuss important information about sunburn in dogs, such as dog breeds at higher risk of getting sunburned and the signs of sunburn in dogs.

Which Dog Breeds Are Most Likely To Get Sunburn?

Dogs with pale “pinkish” skin or light hair are generally the ones at higher risk to get sunburned and show different signs of sunburn. However, some dog breeds are at higher risk than others, such as Boxer, Chinese Crested, Dalmatian, Greyhound, or Weimaraner dogs.

Therefore, if you own a dog that is part of the group at high risk to get a sunburn, you must be extra careful during hot days.


Signs Of Sunburn In Dogs

The answer to the question, can dogs get sunburn? It is clear now. But, what are the signs of sunburn in dogs?

Red skin is always bad news, whether for our furry friends or us, which might be the apparent answer floating in your brain. But, you can tell whether a dog can get sunburn or not by keeping an open eye and checking for the following signs of sunburn in dogs.

  • Hair Loss

As surprising as it might sound, the delightful color isn’t the unique difference between the dog’s hair and ours. Dog’s hair is by nature finer and lighter than humans. Although this could be advantageous when playing, you won’t like how much damage the sun could do to it.

Medical problems from sunburn in dogs can vary. Still, cancers with different types can be developed like basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, or melanoma generally occur due to abnormal skin cells’ growth. 

Your furry friend’s skin cells have their pre-defined age, exposure to the sun will speed up this aging process or in other words, lead to skin cancer.


The tips of the ear, along with the nose and belly, are the most exposed sites to the sun. Plus, the skin there is softer than the rest of the body, making it dry very quickly.

  • Skin Infections 

Skin infections like canine solar dermatitis or chronic sun damage are common among dogs who mostly expose themselves to the sun very often and for too long.

  • Skin Ulcers

Skin ulcers or decubital ulcers in dogs occur due to constriction of blood vessels by pressure obtained from the sun rays, which could eventually lead to skin cancer as well.


Prevention Of Sunburn In Dogs

Although they could be treated, sunburns should be dealt with seriously. The best way to ensure a healthy body for your dog is by keeping a close eye on the dog, ensuring that he is always in a shady place away from sun rays. If the two of you went outside in areas like the beach instead of playing, you should keep him by your side under the umbrella to protect your dog from the sun.

Suppose a shady place wasn’t accessible whatever the reason was. In that case, your second go-to method should be getting a sunscreen. But before you buy one, you need to keep in mind that sunscreen for dogs come in many types. 

For establishing a better outcome, you should use only those that are specific for pets, and another thing is your dog shouldn’t lick the skin while applying sunscreen. This could further lead to different problems such as vomiting, stomach upset, diarrhea, and many other intestinal problems you and your dog are better without.

The following are by far according to in-depth research and customer rating the most trusted sunscreens for dogs.


Handy Hound sunscreen is all-natural balm and sunscreen that is easy to use, convenient to apply, full-body coverage, no sticky or greasy formula, and proper protection. It heals dry, cracked, chapped, and crusty dog snout and protects from sun and insects, so can dogs get sunburn? No, not if used Handy Hound SunScreen.


Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care produced this product, which vets recommended it for dogs & cats. The product is a powerful blend of supplementing vitamins and essential oils, which makes it a pet-safe sunscreen but also heals your dog’s skin while stopping permanent sun damage.


Sun can be harsh with these omnivores creatures, burns, hair loss, and redness; all can be avoided if you tried Epi-Pet sun protector. They have products made, especially for pets, to ensure a safe skin and a healthy body.

One thing to say about this product is that it could be stingy post sunburn, that’s why we always encourage using it as a protection tool, not a treatment.


This spray is safe for all breeds with NO zinc oxide. The expert made this formula to protect and nourish the coat and skin from harmful rays. The fantastic thing about this spray is that it is safe for all breeds, making it an excellent choice for your dog.

Many sunscreen products are greasy and form a layer on your dog’s skin that draws debris and. Emmy’s sunscreen is a non-greasy formula that goes on clean and contains (shea butter and coconut oil), which supports your dog’s skin while protecting it.

Your Dog Got Sunburned, What Can You Do To Treat Sunburn In Dogs?

Don’t panic! You got this. First things first, you need to move your dog away from the sun, get your dog somewhere shady, or indoor if the home was nearby. Get ice and apply cold compresses on his skin; ointments might ease the burn too.

That’s the typical protocol for such a condition. However, sunburns aren’t alike. Ointments won’t save you in other severe cases, and they require cortisone to prevent the inflammation, that’s why you need to call your veterinarian after taking these fast measures immediately.


Few Words About The Question, Can Dogs Get Sunburn?

Summer is an excellent time for us to enjoy our time near the beach or go to the swimming pool to splash all that freshwater on our bodies. Likewise, our dogs want to enjoy this period of the year going outside to play and enjoy their time with you. However, in many cities and areas, the temperature is so high that it might affect your dog’s health in the wrong way, as we mentioned before. But, taking proper measures to protect your dog from sunburn is the ideal thing you can do.

Sunburn is a bad thing to happen in dogs, but with your help, your dog can enjoy their time without any problems. So after getting your answer to the question, can dogs get sunburn? It is your job now to protect your best friend. No, to protect your family!

Finally, I hope you found this article to the question, can dogs get sunburn informative and helpful.

If you have more information about sunburn in dogs, please write them down below in the comment section. So, every cat owner benefits from that.

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3 years ago

I live in the semi-desert, and summers here are very hot, especially when it’s hurricane season. Even when storms miss us and blow by in the ocean, leaving us alone, immense heat and humidity always accompany them, and it is tough on people and animals. Lucky for my dogs (and cats) there is a lot of shade for them, and so they spend most of the day in the shade. Three of my dogs are white, and so they are at a higher risk. Two of the white dogs also have sensitive skin, so I have to watch out for that all the time.
Sometimes I go for walks on my property during the day, but I avoid doing that during the hottest hours of the day, because my dogs always follow me. During noon and early afternoon, the ground is burning hot to their paws, so that is why I do not do any walks during that time, to make them stay in the shade.
I had not thought of using sunscreen. I had not even realized that there was a dog sunscreen. I like the essential oil and vitamin sunscreen. I’ll take a look at them.

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