How to Clean Dog’s Ears – What to Clean Dog’s Ears With!



It is important to know How to Clean Dog’s Ears and What to clean Dog’s ears with because cleaning your Dog’s ears or any other pet like cats can be tricky and requires focus and patience, Imagine yourself dealing with a small baby.

Before I start with How to clean your dog ears I want to write briefly about ear wax.

Wax is a normal secretion from special glands in the dog’s ears, it has so many good functions such as collecting dirt and microbes. When your vet examines your dog’s ears and finds it normal then there is no reason to clean your dog’s ears.

Be Always aware not to clean the ears unnecessary because you might upset the balance of your dog’s ears balance and then cause unwanted problems.

How and When do We Clean Wax Out of Dog’s Ears

One of the most important parts of How to Clean Dog’s Ears is to know how and when do we clean Wax. There are conditions can be a reason for dog’s painful recurrent ear infections or chronic changes and hearing loss. Your vet will mostly clean the ear twice a week as part of keeping the dog ear healthy. Now depending on your pet condition your vet will prescribe or suggest a medication to solve this problem or a condition, for example, medication to fix excessive wax or medication to balance ear PH.


What’s the Best Ear Cleaner for Dogs

It is always the best to use a cleaner that has been recommended by your veterinarian for your dog, as sometimes What to Clean Dog’s Ears With can be special product depending on your dog condition, because different cleaner products can be specific to a certain condition your dog might have, for example, your dog might have excessive Wax or infections and the cleaner used for these 2 conditions might be different.

You need to be aware that some medicated ear cleaners can cause ear problems as deafness if your dog’s eardrum is ruptured. And be careful if your dog’s ear is infected not to use any product before consulting your vet, as it may cause further problems with infection.

So in summary, it is best to ask your vet before using any ear cleaner products.

Step by Step – How to Clean Dog’s Ears

In these easy steps to How to Clean Dog’s ears, you will be able to do it for your dog and you will be able to determine What to Clean Dog’s Ears With. But it is always the best to ask your vet before doing this for the first time to be 100% sure that you are doing it right.

  1. Set up your supplies in a place where you do not mind being messed up. And make sure your dog is restraint well as you might hurt him if he moves suddenly, do not be shy to ask someone to help you with this.
  2. Then start by wiping the ears with cotton swabs and remove any dirt you can see.
  3. You can use one of these two methods, Soak a cotton ball with your cleaner product or mixture then place it in the ear and massage around. Or you can hold your dog’s ear flap with one hand and use the other to squirt the cleaner into the canal to fill it completely then press the ear flap over the opening and rub it back and forth in circles.
  4. Let your dog’s head free, your dog will start to shake it and this will help to get rid of any dirt or wax inside. I told you to pick a place that you do not mind being messed up, See it is messy.
  5. Now you need to use any tissue or gauze or even paper towels to remove the debris you can see, Just do not go deep to not injure your dog with your finger.
  6. Continue doing these steps until you are sure ears are clean.
  7. The last step is to use the medication if your pet needs it for infection or for any other problem.


Dog Breeds Have Ears That Need Special Attention!

Some types of Dogs need special treatment regarding cleaning the ears as they are more sensitive to develop infections. For example, Dogs with drop ears are more prone to be infected than other dogs.

Mostly because of Floppy ears do not have good air ventilation, when the airflow is bad the ears inside will be moist which is perfect for bacteria to grow and then cause infections and problems.

Notice that there are other types of dogs that grow hair inside ears like Poodles and Frises which can cause the same problem as in Floppy ear dogs.

Plucking Your Dog’s Ear Hair

Part of What to Clean Dog’s Ears With is the Plucking, it is fine to pluck your dog’s ears if it is one of those breeds that grow a lot of hair inside, if you have doubts about it, ask your vet to do it or how to do it. However, after plucking your Dog’s ear hair it might become reddish and irritated if that so they do not clean your dog ears and give it time to heal and calm down for a couple of days.

Plucking Dog’s ears are not that difficult, it is easy to do. I will upload a small video showing how to do it.


Preventing Problems – Keep it Healthy

After this tutorial to how to clean your dog’s ears and What to Clean Dog’s Ears With, now you can be relaxed that your dog will be healthy and happy, yes it is an annoying process for both you and your dog and so many things to do. However, it is worth it to keep your best friend clean and healthy.

Remember to avoid unwanted things that might hurt your own dogs. Do not put the cotton or anything else any further than you can see inside the canal, as you without even knowing the damage the eardrum and cause deafness. If you are using some kind of bottle as the product and you want to put it inside to squirt the mixture be careful not to push it deep inside which can cause the same problems.

My advice to not to squirt any liquid inside the ear too fast or with some kind of strong force as you may damage the eardrum too, always be gentle. Regular cleaning is good and prevents ear infections and problems BUT too much cleaning can cause undesirable problems.

Wax is good, Remember that. Remove it only if it starts to be a problem which is always the best to ask your vet about this. Check if your dog one of those breeds that need weekly ear cleaning, it is important for them!

Today’s’ Quote: “Dogs teach us a very important lesson in life: The mailman is not to be trusted.” — Sian Ford


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4 years ago

This was very helpful. I have a Great Dane, she needs her ears cleaned and I wasn’t sure where to start. Thanks for this thorough explanation of the process.

Looks like I have a project waiting for me when I get home tonight!

Jaron Goh
4 years ago

I used to have an energetic and curious Maltese who had some problems with his ear. He seemed to produce quite a fair amount of ear wax which was visible outside of his ears. I think I feel a bit better knowing that I didn’t act on it without enough knowledge and left it to the vet. Since I pet sit now and then these days, those tips are good to keep in mind. Thanks for sharing!

4 years ago

I haven’t considered cleaning my dog’s ears before. I guess if I notice that they need to be done, this could be an obvious reason to do it. A regular check up at our vet’s will also help with determining if it’s an issue or not. But in saying that, it seems like it would be easy enough to do if it’s to clean excess wax. Thanks for sharing an informative and helpful post. I will have to bookmark the page for when I have to do this for my furbaby.

4 years ago

These are stop great step by step instructions. It is far better than going to the vet and paying for it because if you know how to do it you can ensure it gets done correctly.

I did not realize that certain breeds can require special attention but it makes perfect sense. Animals are a part of the family and in my opinion all owners should be familiar with the process you have discussed here today. Awesome info!

4 years ago

I regularly clean my dogs’ ears, well, if it is necessary. Sometimes the wax is covered with dirt and grime, because my dogs play outside all day, and a lot of dust flies up. So, I need to clean from time to time. Or at least check 😉
I am happy to come across your article, since it gives me many more tips on cleaning dogs’ ears and that there are different ear cleaning products out there. I should look into that.

4 years ago

I have three dogs and never once thought about this! Probably because we take them to a groomer, but I don’t want to have to pay for that all the time.

This is not something I’ve ever even considered, does that make me a bad dog owner? Lol, I hope not, I love my dogs very much. The fact that you need to clean dogs with floppy ears and dogs with drop differently is also very informative. If I do it correctly, how long do you think it will take me with three dogs?

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