DIY Dog Ear Cleaner – Dog Ear Infection Home Remedy

Today’s topic is going to be a DIY Dog Ear Cleaner, to be specific about Dog Ear Infection Home Remedy. This article will be one of the solutions for Dog’s ear infections we talked about in the previous article (Read Here).

Dog ear infections as we mentioned in the previous post (Read Here) are one of the most common health problems in dogs these days. It is annoying to deal with for both Dogs and the owners. However, the key is to keep your Dog on routinely cleaning for their ears to keep them protected against these annoying infections.

It might feel like there are a lot of things to do like cleaning ears, checking them every then and now and maybe use different products either homemade or buy them from somewhere else just to keep your dog’s ears in check!

You need to remember that it is not good for your dog to keep taking antibiotics every time they get sick, plus it is just a short term treatment to that period and it does not mean the infection gone forever!!!! That is why you need to keep your dog’s ears clean all the time to stop these little annoying organisms from causing troubles to your dog.

I Forgot! What Do Dog Ears Infections Look like?

Dog ear infection symptoms (Read Here) are so obvious and easy to appear because Ears are so sensitive to anything. You might notice inside or maybe around the entrance of your dog’s ear Dark discharge with different Odour may be bad or even sweet smells, Swelling and Redness might be noticeable and as we mentioned before your Dog might start to Rub or scratch the infected ear and start whining due to pain.

Causes of Dog Ear Infections

There are several causes of ear infections and these the most common:

  • Bacteria
  • Yeast
  • Allergies
  • Hormone imbalances

Do not forget that there are other reasons that increase the chances for your dog to get infections such as long, floppy ears, swimming, moisture, dirt or hair in the ear canal, but ear infections sometimes not just ear infections … they can be a sign of a much deeper problem.

Bacterial Infections – Friendly Bacteria vs Foe Bacteria

Bacterial infections are the most common cause of ear infections. Note that your dog has friendly or beneficial bacteria in his ears already that keep pathogenic or harmful bacteria away as sort of balance … but this balance can sometimes be upset and be messy. When does this happen?

Bacteria from contaminated water (during swimming or bathes) can enter his ear and start to colonize because there aren’t enough friendly bacteria to crowd them out and compete for nutrients. And the moisture can be the perfect environment for these bacteria to grow in number.

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Dog Yeast (Fungus) – Bacteria’s Neighbors

Yeast can be found normally in your dog’s ear too as bacteria living together in harmony and love with our friendly Bacteria, the problem starts when the Fungus starts to go out of control and grow like crazy.

Most of the time that depends on the dog’s Immune system, if the body is weak then problems such as infections can come to the front line and start to act like maniacs. Allergies and hormone imbalances can be big reasons for such problem, the most common sign for such big problem is if your dog starts to get sick more often, same as in humans if you get sick all the time then you need to check your body to see why your immune system is so weak and solve the problem.

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DIY Dog Ear Cleaner – Home Natural Remedies For Your Dog Ear Infections

I want now to show you these natural remedies to keep your dog’s infection in check, these DIY Dog Ear Cleaner remedies can be really helpful with great results. Also, Dog Ear Infection Home Remedy can be so helpful to fight and even protect your dog’s ears but it is always to ask professional healthcare., but it is always the best to check with your vet before you do anything or use any of those remedies, because your dog might have a condition that is not allowed to use one or more of these remedies.

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Vinegar (Apple Cider)


The acidity (acetic acid) in Vinegar act as Dog Ear Infection Home Remedy which can kill both Yeast and Bacteria as well as helps to remove dirt and debris from your dog’s ears. However, never use it if your dog’s infected ear is reddish and sore as it will pain your dog greatly.



The following video shows How to Clean a Dog’s Ears With Vinegar and Water.




Mullein (a plant) has an antibacterial function that it works really great with ears infections, and it is so easy to create your own recipes using this plant.




This recipe from the veterinary herbalist, Dr Randy Kidd:

1. Pack mullein leaves and/or flowers in a glass jar and cover with olive oil. For increased antibiotic effectiveness, you can add a clove or two of antibacterial garlic (freshly chopped) per pint of oil.

2. Let the mixture sit for two to three weeks.

3. Strain and apply several drops of the warmed oil into the ear canal with a dropper or soak it on a cotton ball and apply to your dog’s ear.



Calendula has one of the most amazing function to treat external ear problems, and it is considered as an antifungal but it also helps to relieve pain. It can be used externally and internally.



Here’s the recipe:

1. Pack calendula flowers in a glass jar and cover with olive oil with clove or 2 of freshly chopped garlic.

2. Make sure Calendula flowers are fully covered with the oil and let the mixture sit for 3-4 days.

3. Strain and apply several drops of the warmed oil into the ear canal with a dropper or soak it on a cotton ball and apply to your dog’s ear.

**You can keep it for up to six months.

Coconut Oil


Coconut Oil has the as Mullein function both antibacterial and antifungal activity and it can be an awesome DIY Dog Ear Cleaner choice, which is amazing to keep the balance of your dog’s ear.




Here’s the recipe:

1. Add two tablespoons coconut oil in a pan on low heat with two fresh garlic cloves.

2. Simmer until the oil is liquid then let it cool slightly.

3. Use a dropper and place 2-3 drops in the affected ear. You can dip a cotton ball in the mixture and use it to clean your dog’s ear for better results.

Home Remedies For Dog Ear Infection Video

Here in this video is what we talked about in this post DIY Dog Ear Cleaner – Dog Ear Infection Home Remedy: Enjoy the knowledge power to keep your dog healthy and happy!


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