Cat and Health – The Impact of Cat’s Health Guide on Our Life!



Cat and Health, are these two words connected? The Impact of Cat’s Health Guide that I will talk about today can make the value of Cat on our Health amazingly effective and will change our life, Cats can be different from other pets, How? And How cat and health connected? Grab a cup of Tea or Coffee and enjoy reading!

Cats are different from dogs in so many things, for example, Cats will watch you tossing a ball (you are trying to play with your cat!!), and then it will just walk away like it is saying “No thank you Human!!” LOL, Happened a lot with me and my Suzy! For a cat, fun time or playtime can be just pouncing on your feet or when you are lying under the covers. Cats are considered as nocturnal animals and enjoy playing at night.

Cats have different personalities between each other too, there are 5 different personalities that you cat will be one of them and other cats might have a different one. That’s why you find cats owner have different stories even though they all have cats!

Cats – Who Are They!

Cats are fluffy, independent, and affectionate, how can anyone not to love them? Kittens and Cats are cute and small Unless you own a Maine Coon then yea you have a Lion!


Did you know that there are 5 different cat personality types? it is important to understand what the term “Cat and Health” means and how they related to each other, knowing their personality is one of the ways to help them be healthy. According to a study in which researchers applied a model of human personality traits to pet cats, these cat personalities (Fluffy purr-sonality Types) include: Neurotic, Extroverted, Dominant, Impulsive, Agreeable.

It is important to know our cat personality, it will help us to keep their health in check. A change in personality one of the important signs of a health problem. Plus it is fun to understand your partner in crime in that lives with you in the same house, you will then be able to find good ways to have fun together and enjoy time together, and one day your cat will bring a rat or mouse as a gift for your effort for feeding it, isn’t that interesting, LOL.

Fluffy purr-sonality Type 1: If your cat is a Neurotic Type, these cats are those that run away or hide when a guest visit you, they tend to avoid a scary situation, but once they learn they are safe they will be more confident to be around and be normal again.

Fluffy purr-sonality Type 2: If your cat is Extroverted type, this is my favourite type, they are nosy with so much energy type, however, they can be bored so fast and easily and then you will come back home to find something broken for sure. You sure need to buy plenty of toys and you need to play with your cat every day.

Fluffy purr-sonality Type 3: If your cat is a Dominant Type, OH BOY, these are going to rule the world of Humans and Dogs! If you have another cat living with this type you sure need to buy each their own stuff like food or water bowls even toys and other stuff.

Fluffy purr-sonality Type 4: If your cat is an impulsive type, this cat is so impulsive that it will react to anything stressful for them in the surrounding environment, they can even react differently to the same situation on different occasions. Every day is a challenge and adventure for them!

Fluffy purr-sonality Type 5: If your cat is an agreeable type, a cat with this personality will mostly get along with anyone, an ideal cat for a multi-cat owner.

Cat and Health – The Top 10 Benefits on Your Health as A Cat Owner

  1. Owning a cat is a big reason for your body to release calming chemicals that will Reduce Stress and Anxiety. Just a session of fluffy cute petting every day is enough to reduce your stress.
  2. They will decrease the risk of Heart Disease and Strokes. How? Studies have found that as a cat owner is a reason to reduce stress, that is a big reason to reduce the risk of strokes. Some studies indicate the reduction of this risk can be around 30%.
  3. One of the amazing benefits from owning a cat, it is a cause to release certain hormones in your body such as oxytocin (they call it the hormone of love and trust). That is a Therapeutic benefit to your body, having a stressful life and sometimes you grief or being sad can cause bad effect on the long run, having a cat will make your life better and healthier.
  4. So many doctors and studies pointed out that owning a pet can boost your immunity in different ways such as increasing your resistance to allergens and decrease the risk for allergies and Asthma.
  5. Lowering blood pressure is one of the most important benefits of owning a cute little kitty or a cat, relatively cat owners have lower blood pressure and control it better than non-cat owners. There are many studies about this field to understand and learn more about it. Lowering blood pressure is a reason to protect Heart from diseases too.
  6. A study conducted by the University of Minnesota showed that owning a cat will protect the heart from heart attacks and heart diseases.
  7. After all these benefits above, it is logical that owning a cat can affect the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol by lowering them. These two are like a poison that contribute to damage heart or cause heart diseases as well as other organs diseases, lowering these two can protect and prevent these diseases from happening. Thank you Cutie Kitties!
  8. The benefit not only on our physical health, even on our psychological and our social life, owning a cat will for sure increase sociability for you and your cat too. As a cat owner and as a Human you will start a conversation with your cat and by doing so you will enhance your ability to socialize. There is a study revealed that women are attracted to cat owners more than non-cat owners.
  9. Owning a cat is just like having a cute fluffy companion, companionship is an important reason to reduce this feeling of being lonely, the bond between you and your cat can be so strong and reinforce this companionship.
  10. Who does not want to sleep like a baby after hard work, Owning a cat will give you this awesome benefit to improve your sleeping to sleep better, Cats enjoy joining you in your bed and cuddle with you that alone will provide you with an awesome feeling? There is a study conducted in Myo clinic – Center of Sleep Medicine was able to confirm that around 41% of people claimed that they slept better of their pet.


Top 5 Tips for Keep Your Cat Healthy

1- As a Cat owner, you need to know and understand your cat needs such as basic life needs: Food, Water, Litter Box and Bowls. Some cats prefer to drink water from glasses and eat from bowls, maybe it feels that is fancy kind of thing who knows, but the idea is to understand its need and just do it.


Humans sleep 8 hours a day, Bats sleep 20 hours a day, Cats can sleep up to 18 hours a day, Did you know that? They either sleeping, eating or playing. Therefore, you need to provide your cat with toys to give it good exercise and fun time toys can be tools to teach and hone skills like hunting skills and keep them fit. Do not forget you will not be there all day due to work and life matters, so toys are essential in a cat’s life.



Cat-and-Health2- It is essential for cats to have clean and fresh water, so as a cat owner you need to provide that daily. Same goes for food, believe it or not, some cats are picky, so it is great to prepare special different dishes. And do not forget to always keep the bowl clean before serving the food to your cat. You need to know that cat needs a perfect amount of food not less or more than that amount, they tend to overeat if food is there, not all of them though.



Cat-and-Health3- Cats like their litter box to be clean. Keep it clean or you are going to find some surprises in your house, if it is not clean they will go elsewhere. Cleaning it every day is good too, to keep an eye on your cat health. You can notice changes if your cat is sick, like bad odour, changes in urine colour or finding blood with it.





4- Of course, visiting your vet is a huge part to keep your cat healthy and always on a check, checking its general health, giving it vaccines and getting medications if it is needed.





5- Grooming is part of Cats life and you as an owner, you need from time to help your cat to stay clean. It is always good to ask your vet or any specialist to provide you with a name of special shampoo for your cat, and always use warm water when you decide to wash it. Brushing your cat is the next best step you can do for it to remove any excess hair.

Signs That Your Cat is Healthy

Teeth: Checking your cat teeth is one of the most important signs that can tell you if your cat is healthy or not, remember that one of the reasons that can kill an animal is a toothache. You need to check if there is unusual colouration or abnormal redness or even your cat breath, is it normal or not.

Energy: One of the most common signs that any pet is sick, losing their energy or stopping playing as before. When you notice your cat not playful as always or being active or showing tiredness all the time, that is an indication to visit your vet.

Skin & Hair: Grooming and washing your cat is good, but checking its skin is way better to prevent problems that your cat might have. If you notice dry skin that mostly indicates a problem. Checking its hair health is another good way to determine if your cat is healthy or not.

Digestive System: Keeping your cat’s litter box is important for its health as well as checking if your cat is healthy or not, checking the colour or odour of your cat urine is one of the ways to check that. If you notice your cat visiting its litter more often or even avoiding it and doing it elsewhere you need to visit or contact your vet.

Eyes: Who doesn’t adore the cat’s eyes, they are charming and scary. A healthy cat has bright and clear eyes, any discharge or change in colour or even cloudy pupils you need to ask your vet about it.

Cat & Health are Connected with Awesome Impact on Our Life


Fluffy, independent and everyone loves them, having a cute fluffy purr kitty is one way to improve your health and keep yourself happy with such an awesome company. Taking care of your cat means you giving it love and taking care of your health as well.

So many studies have shown that just watching a cat video on the internet can boost a person’s energy and create positive emotions.

Congratulations on getting a new cat! Whether you’re a new cat owner or someone with a few other fluffy cuties, four-legged creatures around, one thing is for certain: You and your new pet are going to have a great time together. Embrace and Enjoy these moments with a smile!

Today’s Quote: Cats can work out mathematically the exact place to sit that will cause the most inconvenience. -Pam Brown


Founder of Fluffy Health & Life

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Marah Darwish
Marah Darwish
4 years ago

I am a cat lover, they are so cute and fluffy. I enjoyed reading your post it is so informative and I love how much i learned about cats and their life, personalities. It is always great to learn something new.

Great post, looking forward to reading more of your posts.

4 years ago

I have a neurotic cat, she hides whenever the door bell rings or a strange voice is heard. She has a special mouse toy that she plays with in the night, it will end up under something and she will not play with any other toy.
She did bring a dead mouse to the bedroom one day, it was chewed up and wet.
They are a lot of companionship for people with out a lot of visitors.
Thanks for a great read on your information.

4 years ago

It is amazing how cute kitty can affect our life, I am a docotor and I always notice how pets can be a big role to improve their health with just spending time with them.

I love your post so much, I was surprised about the personalities cat have, they have same personalities as Humans which is really great to know.

It is an amazing post and I am looking forward to reading more of your posts.

4 years ago

This is fantastic! Cats truly do help with anxiety and I think that is what I love about them most. I love the article on their purrsonalities. Thanks again for the great info!

Lynn C
4 years ago

I love cats, and you’re so right about the different personalities. I had a cat that was definitely an extrovert and used to ‘talk’ to me and people thought I was crazy when I told them so!

4 years ago

Great post!

My cats keep me and my wife entertained for hours and now I can work out which personality they each have. Neither one are the quiet type of one though!

Thanks for the tips on looking at for tell tale types of health as I shall certainly be on the look out for that.

I would not fancy bathing one of our cats though. She is nicknamed “The Beast” and her claws are way too fast to see as they come swiping down!

4 years ago

This is very interesting. I did not know that cats have 5 different personalities. They definitely are pretty close to those personalities traits we humans have.

I surely can see the importance of knowing our cat so that if their personality changes we can better understand and be open to the idea that their may be something going on as it relates to their health. I have always been told cats are very therapeutic and that is one of the reasons so many people own one or a couple 🙂

I like those signs of a healthy cat. They really give a cat owner a good idea of what to look for. Thanks for sharing.

Donna Rayne
4 years ago

Pawesome article! I once had to get a prescription from my doctor for the apartment I was living in. It was a prescription for a cat. In it, it stated owning my cat is for my health issues and my depression!

If people will get prescriptions for their pets when they move instead of leaving them behind, it would be beneficial for all involved!

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