What Is Cat Food Made Of? Find Out What You Need To Know About Cat Food


What is cat food made of? Even today, the false belief about cats’ diet is still present, claiming that cats can simply feed on anything as long as it is meat. But that’s certainly not true. In this article, we’re going to talk about the importance of cat food to prolong your feline’s life, provide …

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Do Dogs Get Ringworm? All You Need To Know About Ringworm In Dogs


Do dogs get ringworm? It is one of the pet owners’ most-asked questions since no one likes to see their well-looking canine friend turns into a sick dog. Humans and their furry housemates have shared a pretty memorable history when it comes to diseases. Zoonotic diseases are the term healthcare providers call such conditions. Examples can …

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Do Dogs Get The Flu? A Dog Parent 101 Comprehensive Guide To Deal With Canine Influenza


Do dogs get the flu? This is a typical dog parent dilemma. Since its first appearance in 1918, flu has always been a headache-causing disease for humans. Is it a mankind-only thing, or do humans’ best friends have to go through their same wintertime-misery? The answer to these questions is yes. Canines indeed have the flu, a …

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Do Cats Get Lonely? How To Help Your Cat With Feline Loneliness


Do cats get lonely because they aren’t raised in a dual-parent household and don’t live in the same area with their other feline friends? Loneliness can be deadly at times, but does loneliness managed to find its way through those furry ever-active cute creatures? Or do humans just feel jealous since they miss their cats …

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