Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer Reviews – Is It A Scam Or Legit?



Many dog owners heard about doggy dans online dog trainer program, but they are still uncertain what it is all about. Therefore, today I want in this post to give my honest, insightful, and thorough doggy dans online dog trainer review.

Training a dog to obey is a very essential thing. If you are a dog owner, or you want to get yourself one, you must always remember that you are responsible for all of its behaviors. For instance, if your dog is well trained, he will not be able to attack anyone except with your permission. On the other hand, if it is untrained, well! I guess you can only imagine the consequences.

In effect, it is everybody’s wish for their dog to be tamed and hears all your commands without giving somebody else hundreds of dollars just for your dog to be closer friend with him instead of you.

But how can you make this wish come true in the easiest/fastest way possible? You probably heard some Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer Reviews from your friends or while surfing the net. And perhaps you wanted to give it a try, but you are still hesitant about it, and you are not sure if it does really work.

In this detailed doggy dans online dog trainer review, we will offer you all that you want to know about it and hopefully help you to decide whether to purchase it or not.

Why Should You Consider Training Your Dog Online?

We live in the era of the internet, where everything you need is displayed on your screen. Everything is altering around us, and most of our daily activities are getting digitalized. Dog training is also part of the change, and nowadays, you can train your dog online efficiently, using a variety of training programs.

Training your dog to obey you and fix its behavioral problems should be thought of before even getting a dog. Such a step is essential to protect yourself and everyone around you. I mean, you don’t expect a dog to be born with good behaviors, and as a new dog owner, you should be prepared for a lot of misbehaving and disobedience.

As mentioned earlier, there are many ways to do so online besides the traditional method, which is hiring a professional dog trainer. But the question is, why you should adopt the modern online approach where you get to be the trainer instead of the old fashioned one? If you are planning to hire someone else to train your dog and then get to know your pet afterward, it is going to take a lot of time for your pet to trust you.

In order to develop a healthy relationship between you and your dog, you must understand how they learn yourself and get engaged in correcting their behaviors. Besides, your dog must see you as their only boss to reach better obedience.

When you choose to train your dog yourself, you will gain so much confidence in dealing with your pet; this confidence will be felt by it as well. Thus your bond together will be much stronger, and the communication between you will be way much easier.

What Is The Online Dog Trainer (The Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer)?

The Online Dog Trainer or known as the doggy dans online dog trainer, is the original dog training website that is exclusively video-based. It is supported by the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty in Animals). This website is regularly updated by the professional dog trainer Doggy Dan.

Dan will help you professionally train your dog providing hundreds of videos on his virtual platform. Of course, all of his videos are real problems that have already happened with real clients.

He tends to cover all the possible problems that you may face with your dog, including barking, biting, digging…etc. This platform is well designed and easy to use. All of the information that you are looking for is labeled clearly.

So you won’t get lost in the search. Furthermore, the techniques followed and demonstrated in Doggy Dans online dog trainer are force-free science-based methods.

The Online Dog Trainer’s objective is to provide clients with clear and precise guidance for how to teach dogs of all ages in order to keep them from displaying undesirable behaviors. Once you join the Doggy Dans online dog trainer’s community, you will notice that this platform is making a dog trainer out of you and, as a result, a well-trained dog out of your best friend.

How Much Does This Cost Me?

This Doggy Dans online dog trainer review will not be as informative if you don’t talk cash! You probably think that since this is a popular course, it may cost you a lot. Well! Your assumptions are wrong; this platform is fairly cheap, considering the amount of audiovisuals tutorials that it offers. Once you join the membership website, you are only charged one dollar for a three days trial.

After the trial is over, you will be charged 37 dollars for the first month. You will be charged the same the next month, but that is only when you are still a member. But this is not it; there are also four free bonuses.

They are as follow:

  • Doggy Dans Online Dog Training Audio Library – “Knowing Your Dog PART 1”
  • Doggy Dans Puppy Talk Series – “7 Keys To Puppy Training”
  • Doggy Dans Dog Talk Series – “9 Advanced Vocal Commands”
  • Membership to Doggy Dan’s Exclusive Online Forum


Who Is Doggy Dan And Why Shall I Trust Him?

Doggy Dan is a professional dog trainer and an active animal rights campaigner. He has established the Online Dog Trainer to help dog owners all over the world through videos; he shows people a variety of techniques and methods that dog owners should require to correct their pet’s behaviors. In his platform, the online dog trainer, he sums up his experience of training dogs and helping dog owners to the same.

He firmly believes that dog training cannot be efficient when it is taught through reading. Thus, all of the platform information is presented through videos. Dan claims that dog training has got to be demonstrated with image and sound so that the learner will imitate the whole process from the tight body language to the proper tone of voice.

The Online Dog Trainer’s dog training program is validated by The New Zealand SPCA. The fact that a government body promotes his program makes him trustworthy and reliable. Furthermore, the way Doggy Dan control and communicate with dogs he has just met shows his competence and experience in the domain.

Pros And Cons Of The Online Dog Trainer

As part of the doggy dans online dog trainer review authenticity, one must mention the good sides of this program and the bad ones. Like everything else, this package is not perfect. Therefore here is a list of the pros and cons of the online dog trainer.

Pros Of The Online Dog Trainer

  • The online dog trainer platform is provided with a dedicated forum for answering all of your questions about your dog behavioral problem. Also, in this community, people share their stories, and you can also share yours. This is helpful for you because you will be actively learning from people and not just passively from the videos posted.
  • You can save a lot of cash instead of investing in another dog trainer, plus you will be building up a better relationship with your puppy. And who knows perhaps it is preparing for your next pet too.
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee. So even the small amount of money that you have invested, you can have back any time (during the 60 days).
  • This program will train your dog based on a behavioral approach, so you will be sure that the habits that you have built are there to stay.
  • You can have access to this program anywhere and from any device due to its flexible design.
  • You can cancel your membership at any time, Even if you have used it for months.
  • This is the only dog training video program available internationally.
  • The techniques offered by Doggy Dans online dog trainer are simple to use and oriented, especially for beginners in dog training just like you. So you don’t have to worry if you carried the whole process alone. Plus, this program is gentle and kind on your pet, and as approved by many, you will see satisfying results quickly.

Cons Of The Online Dog Trainer

  • Unfortunately, you cannot download videos that are available online. So if you’re disconnected from the internet, you cannot have access to any information provided.
  • Some videos that are offered are a little outdated. However, the methods provided in them are playable and show good results on your pet.
  • The Doggy Dans online dog trainer’s program is designed for the visual learner, so if you are not one, you may face a problem.
  • The topics are limited, so there’s a chance your problem isn’t covered. However, you can use the online dog trainer’s forum and ask your community.
  • It requires time and dedication. If you have a busy schedule, you may not be able to use this program with your dog.

Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer’s Content

Doggy Dan will educate you on how to think like a dog. Along with the videos, you will discover how dogs view the world and how it also perceives its owner. He will also provide you with a particular language of your dog so you can understand your pet better. As you reach a state when you can understand your dog, you would enjoy full control over it. Once you log in to the online dog trainer’s website, you can see the menu which contains the following:

#1 Becoming The Pack Leader

In the initial section, you will learn how to become the pack leader in the eyes of your own dog. The concept behind “pack training” is to constantly remind your dog that you are a higher ranking member, and it is a lower-ranking member of the pack. You are taught to achieve this by mimicking the actions of wolves while interacting with your dog.

You will be taught: The importance of being a dog leader in dog training.

In the initial section, you will learn how to become the Pack Leader in the eyes of your dog. The concept behind ‘pack training’ is to constantly remind your dog that you are a higher ranking member, and it is a lower-ranking member of the pack. You are taught to achieve this by mimicking the actions of wolves while interacting with your dog.

You will be taught:

  • The importance of being a dog leader in dog training
  • How to control the psychology of your dog
  • Five golden rules of making your dog believe that you are the only one in control
  • Conquering your dog’s mind before taking charge of its body to control the psychology of your dog.
  • Five golden rules of making your dog believe that you are the only one in control
  • conquering your dog’s mind before taking charge of its body

#2 Training Your Puppy To Become A Wonderful Dog

In this section, you will find videos of puppy training. It shows you a full timeline for the puppy’s development, so you will be able to get how they learn and when at the right time to introduce each technique.

You will learn:

  • How to teach toileting to your dog in a short amount of time
  • The best way to teach your pet to walk with you without using a leash
  • How to stop your dog from randomly jumping on you or your friends
  • What to do when your dog runs away with your things
  • Fix the behavioral problems at this age
  • What to feed your dog at this particular age

#3 Dealing With Behavioral Problem

When you click on this section in the online dog trainer’s website, you will find all the common dog behavioral problems and how to fix them.

You will be educated on:

  • How to stop the dog barking in different situations
  • How to deal with aggression and how to stop it
  • Why you shouldn’t raise your voice at your pet and how it interprets it when you do so
  • Specific tips on how to teach your old dog new tricks

#4 Dog Training: Knowing And Understanding Your Own Best Friend

As the title suggests, this section in the doggy dans online dog trainer is all about dog training in the developed stages; you’ll notice that the things are a bit detailed here. You will understand more about the body language of your dog, which helps a lot in communication.

You will learn:

  • The basic commands of stay, sit, recall, heel…etc.
  • How to set a peaceful relationship with the dog
  • How to understand the dog brain and how it works
  • How to teach your dog how to swim and play fetch
  • Ways on how to raise your energy as a trainer while training your pet, to achieve better results

#5 Project Moses

Project Moses is a chronicle of Doggy Dan’s own dog, Moses. It documents its life ever since he was an 8-week old puppy until he is 8 months old. Dan tries to cover everything in his journey with his dog Moses to provide a detailed, vivid example of training. It includes mouthing, potty training, and crate training.

Obedience is, of course, a big part of this documentation; he showed us how he teaches his dog all of the basic stuff like sit, down, stands, and stay.  In addition to leash walking, swimming, and socializing. This section is of a great benefit because it shows how the trainer himself deals with his own poppy.

#6 The Online Dog Trainer’s Forum

This section is where you meet with other dog owners and Doggy Dan himself. Within this online community, you will get to see a lot of the users’ stories and experiences. And if you do have a question or a case that is not covered in the online dog trainer’s platform, you can ask the members of the online community or the course provider if you want. The forum, indeed, adds a lot of value to this program.

Bottom Line

If you have reached this far in reading this Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer Review, I believe you already formed an idea about this program and how it works. And even if you are still hesitant about, you can sing up anyway and use the free trial offered for only 1 dollar.

Check the content and the members’ feedback and see if you want to be part of this online group. The platform is governmental and available worldwide, which adds to its credibility. But, only you can decide if it works for you and your dog. So give it a dollar and check it out.

Try it now with a 60-Day money-back Guarantee and let us know what you think about it. Feel free to write your opinion, comment, or question down in the comment section!

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