How To Know Your Dog Loves You The Best – Signs A Dog Likes You

Most people, especially new dog owners, have so many questions in their minds. One of the questions I received is “How To Know Your Dog Loves You The Best “. Of course, there are Signs A Dog Likes You. So, if you pay attention to your dog, you will start noticing these signs and then know and be sure that your dog loves you the best.

Even though you, as a dog owner for years, know and sure that your dog loves you, you might still wonder, “does my dog love me”. The following signs and clues can help you out to answer all these questions and figure out the answer to how to know your dog loves you the best or someone else like your brother or your sister, maybe.

Look For Signs Of Dog Affection

Before we answer any questions like our today’s question of How To Know Your Dog Loves You The Best related to our dog’s love. We have to look for signs which prove our dogs love us. The following signs to look for to make sure your dog really loves you and show you affection.

1- Dog’s tail wags to the right side

If your dog wags its tail to the right side more than left, that means in many cases, your dog is happy and affectionate. If the dog wags its tail to the left, that can indicate stress, anxiety, and sometimes irritation.

Of course, this may not be the case for every dog. However, if you notice your dog wags its tail parallel to the ground and shows happiness at the same time, most likely, that indicates affection.

2- Does your dog check in on you regularly?

If you start to notice that you do check in on you regularly, they probably love you so much. Dogs simply want to know how you are doing and what you are doing, and that indicates love.

You will notice your dog during a walk taking breaks from sniffing everything around to look at you. Or maybe inside the house, your dog drop by frequently to check what you are doing.

Now the trick in this way is this! When you walk the dog with your girlfriend, spouse, friend, or any member of your family, try to pay more attention to your dog. Take note of who your dog tends to check in on more than the others. Is it you? Or someone else? Most likely, that’s the person they love the most!


3- Affectionate Eye Contact

Eye contact is one of the most signs that you need to look at, which can determine a clear answer to the question “How To Know Your Dog Loves You The Best”. It can tell you everything! Come on; this is the sign of love for us too. As you may know, eye contact with dogs can indicate some challenge and aggression for dominance.

However, if your dog gives you frequent and affectionate eye contact without any irritation or aggressive behavior, in many cases, that’s a great sign of affectionate and love. That means your dog is comfortable around you.

4- Does Your Dog Calm Down Quickly Around You

You need to note if your dog calms down quickly around you or in your presence. When they see you, maybe after a long day at work, they will become so happy and cuddly with you, which indicates a comfort feeling with you.

You may ask yourself or wonder about your dog is friendly and excited around anyone, especially your family. However, consider how quickly they calm down in your presence; your dog will demonstrate a higher degree of trust and affectionate around you than others.

5- How Excited Your Dog Gets To See You

Think about how excited your dog gets to see you, especially when you come back into the house. Do they seem to notice that when you come back? If they don’t notice you, there is a big chance you aren’t your dog’s number 1 love.

Now, some people would say that their dogs get excited with anyone who comes in the door. For instance, your dog may get excited with anyone who comes to the house, but they will get SUPER excited when you come in, which is a good sign.

6- Note How Quickly They Respond To Your Calls

Yes, This is most likely an excellent sign for affectionate. Note and evaluate how quickly your dog responds to your calls. Of course, dogs can be trained to obey commands and requests from anyone. However, they are more likely to respond to you more than others.

7- Does Your Dog Like To Snuggle With Your Stuff

Does your dog like to snuggle with your stuff. You may start to notice that your dog carries around your stuff or snuggle with your clothes, which is maybe a bit annoying for you. But this is love from your dog! So be happy and proud of it. Your dog wants to have a souvenir from you that smells like you as a reminder when you are away.


How To Improve Your Relationship with Your Dog

After talking about signs a dog likes you, now it is time to write briefly about how to improve your relationship with your dog even further. You may, by far, know and sure about the answer to the question of How To Know Your Dog Loves You The Best” that your dog loves you the most. But there is always a space to make the connection between you and your dog even stronger.

Share The Same Excitement And Affectionate

Share the same excitement and affectionate. If your dog gets excited when you come back home from your work, show your dog that you are excited and happy to see it too. Call your dog regularly and check in on your dog. All these acts will make the relationship between you and your dog even stronger. It is like giving your dog signs that you love them the most.

Spend More Time With Your Dog

Your dog also needs you to play together or walk around with you. So, you need to spend more time together alone away from anyone else. Count it as a date with your dog! The more time you spend together, the stronger the connection between you and your dog!

Love, Play, Respect, Protect and Provide for them

It is as simple as that. Love your dog, be there when they need you, and spend more time with them, and they will return this love to you. Dogs are pure, and the more time and love they give them, the stronger the relationship. They are our companions for centuries. So treat your dog as a family member, and you will get great results.



Dogs are great; building a strong relationship is not difficult. You need to love them unconditionally. Eventually, they will return this love to you and even more significant than yourself.

There are many signs a dog likes you to answer the question of how to know your dog loves you the best, but the essential part is to keep in mind to make your dog happy and healthy. That way, you will most certainly receive your sure signs that your dog loves you the best.

So finally, I hope you found this article useful and informative. Let me know your answer, what do you think about How To Know Your Dog Loves You The Best and Signs A Dog Likes You. Do you have more tips?

If you have any other questions or different opinions about “How To Know Your Dog Loves You The Best and Signs A Dog Likes You,” leave a comment below.

Today’s Quote: “You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, ‘Wow, you’re right! I never would’ve thought of that!’” -Dave Barry

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