Top 10 Tips on How to Keep Cats Teeth Clean – How To Clean Cats Teeth

How to Keep Cats Teeth Clean, this is one of many questions people ask on the internet the same as How To Clean Cats Teeth. These questions are essential. Why? Sit there, eat your morning pancakes with your morning coffee and imagine yourself for 1 second visiting your dentist.

Got your attention now?

Okay good! As a cat owner, one of the most important things you need to pay attention to are cleaning your cat’s teeth, how to clean Cats teeth, and how to keep cats’ teeth clean. All pets could have problems with their teeth, and it could be a massive problem for them that may lead to death! Yes, you read that right.

If a wild animal, let’s say a Lion, have a toothache for a long time that will eventually kill it. Because of two leading causes, first from the infection and the second is from pain which reduces the ability to eat. Again imagine yourself with toothache, can you eat properly?


A Fact – Bad Dental Care = Pain

Almost 8 out of 10 cats’ that visits vet have teeth and gum problems at the age of 3. Just like our teeth as humans Cats mouth without proper cleaning will collect plaque and lead to periodontal diseases. Cats can’t go to the dentist, so you need to serve them as a dentist and give them a treat after your done.

No cleaning = Plaque accumulation, by the time pass without cleaning that will harden and form tartar, this tartar irritates the gum and could cause an inflammation called gingivitis if this gingivitis not treated well or at all that could contribute ultimately to teeth loss.

Again, if you keep your cat in this condition, it could lead to even worse problems such as infections, which is dangerous because it can cause further damage to the body and complication such as heart disease or kidney disease.

There are so many feline patients with severe painful mouth conditions. Some of them are always drooling. Some can barely manage to eat anything due to pain.

How to Keep Cats Teeth Clean

Proper dental hygiene is the key! Cats can’t use toothbrush or toothpaste to clean their teeth! They need help. Adult cats’ have 30 teeth, and it is difficult for them to keep them clean by themselves.

Now, some ask, but how wild cats’ keep their teeth clean or better say intact from problems our cats’ facing.

Well, these wild animals use some tools our cats’ can’t or don’t have, such as bones and grass! After a lion eats his full, it will chew the bone or grass to clean their mouth and teeth. It is just their way to keep their mouth clean!

Here are top 10 ways to keep your cats” teeth hygiene good and clean. After all, you want to prevent your feline from having severe problems and complication. Which means going to the veterinarian and having to undergo uncomfortable and expensive surgery after suffering from all this in silence.


1- Be Observant

First, you need to know the normal for your kitty. The mild fishy scent, which is known as the kitty breath, is typical. After knowing the normal now, you can search for the abnormal.

If you start smelling foul breath, this is an indication for a problem in the oral cavity. If the Bad breath and drooling left untreated, it could lead to further complications and Oral diseases.

2- Yearly Checkup

Cats are the same as humans need routine dental check-ups. For us, we need regular checkups every six months. As for cats’, it is enough to do it yearly. With this way, you can avoid serious problems and discover any problem as early as possible.

3- Learn How to Do it!

Learn how to brush your cat teeth. Eventually, as a cat owner, you need to learn how to do it! So learn it now To prevent diseases. There are different types of toothpaste designed to be with flavours that cats’ love. It will make your work easier!

4- Make it a Routine

When you start to establish a cleaning routine, it will be easier for both you and your cat. For you, you will get used to doing to it and easier for you to enjoy it.

As for your cat, it will get used to getting this cleaning routine every then and now. It will by the time, causing you trouble while doing it. So, the earlier in your cat age you start with this routine, the better.

The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends it to get your cat used to this routine and process while they are still kittens by using just your finger or gauze. Put the special kitten toothpaste and start doing it.

5- Thorough Routinely Checkups by You

I recommend you to do your own routinely checkups. While doing that be sure to be thorough with the checkups. Once you notice anything that is not normal, let your veterinarian know about it.

What does that mean? If you notice bleeding in the gum, bad breath or anything that you never saw before you need to take your cat to your vet as soon as possible (That’s why I recommend you to do it on a routine basis).

However, you need to know that occasional gum’s bleeding is not a dangerous condition, but if it is accompanied by other symptoms such as bad breath and drooling, it means there could be an oral infection or problem.


6- Cats Dental Floss – Bones

Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs or pet Cats. They are Cats! And Predators. So it is reasonable to give them bones to chew on, it is part of their natural diet. W is the natural way to keep your cat’s teeth healthy and clean.

hBUT, be careful. Try not to give them fish or chicken bones, even pork bones. They could splinter and cause internal damage. Also, raw bones are better since they are less likely to splinter than cooked ones.

7- Prevention – Don’t Wait for the Worse

Prevention, Prevention and Prevention. If you read all my articles here, I always say that. Prevention is the key. Why would anyone wait until it’s too late? Once you notice the problem, solve it fast!

Cats are vulnerable to get serious diseases such as heart, kidney diseases from tooth decay and gum diseases. In fact, in some studies, they state that they are linked and cause severe chronic illnesses.

Don’t wait for the big problem, clean your cat teeth and do routine checkups!

8- Is Cat’s (Extra-Gum) enough?

Some Cat owners think that tartar control treats and chews are enough and sufficient to clean their cat’s teeth effectively. I want to tell you, you are wrong. Tartar control chews and treats are good in moderation but not enough.

Think about it! Is Extra Gum good enough to stop brushing our teeth? It is right before your date to have a pleasant mouth smell for a good kiss. But you still need to brush your teeth. The same for Cats.

9- Good Diet, Good Teeth

Well, imagine yourself again eating Chocolate, pancakes, waffles, Chips, Fast food, IceCream, etc. every day. Is this good for your teeth?

Diet is an essential factor for healthy teeth and mouth. Maintaining a proper diet for your cat will ensure your cat’s healthy mouth and teeth. Feed your cat combination of dry and wet food as well as giving it variation of meats.

10- Massage the Gums

Massaging your cat’s gum is a good thing to maintain a cat’s oral health. It will accelerate healing and strengthen the gums, which will protect it from future gum problems. Gums should usually be pinkish and healthy, not reddish and appears irritated.


How To Clean Cats Teeth

Cleaning cats’ teeth can be tricky, sometimes annoying and maybe time-consuming task for you. But it is an essential task in a cats’ life.

Luckily, there are excellent tools designed especially for cats’ like toothbrush and special toothpaste that make it easier to get rid of plaque and bacteria.

Preparing for the “Teeth Cleaning”

1- Veterinarian Visit

A veterinarian visit is a vital starter because they will be able to confirm to you whether or not your cat has a buildup of plaque or tartar, and need further treatment.

Also, after your vet removes any problem in the oral cavity and cleans it, they can assess the overall oral health of your cat. And then they should be able to tell you if it is safe to brush the animal’s teeth and even how to do it.

The other good advantage of visiting your vet is that they will be able to recommend good oral care health products that will be safe and effective for your cat depending on their assessments.

2- Shopping Time

After visiting your Vet, you will have a good idea about different products that are good for your cat. Now, I recommend you to do further research by merely using google or going to a near pet supplier.

Of course, there are some necessary supplies you may consider buying them such as soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste. Without a doubt, you can’t use any human products. If you are lazy, you can always search and buy a dental kit which is a full dental supply in one kit.


3- Sniff, Taste and introduction

Start by introducing your cat to its toothpaste and toothbrush slowly. This process could take days. You can start here by putting a little bit of the toothpaste on your fingertip and let your cat lick it off.

Doing this over several days is suitable for your cat to be familiar with what you are going to use later.

All this can be tricky, but it is wise to buy different types of toothpaste for the first time because cats’ can be picky the same as us and prefer one over another. After that, you will determine your cat’s favourite toothpaste.

As for the toothbrush, it is almost the same process. Give it to your cat to interact with it. Your cat will mostly start to rub it with their cheeks and gums to mark it with its scent.

Let it mark its toothbrush and get him used to have it around his mouth before using it. It is recommended to allow your cat to have access to the toothbrush daily for 20 minutes for 2-3 days before using it. However, if you have multi cats’ then you need to make sure to have for