Do Cats Get Lonely? How To Help Your Cat With Feline Loneliness



Do cats get lonely because they aren’t raised in a dual-parent household and don’t live in the same area with their other feline friends?

Loneliness can be deadly at times, but does loneliness managed to find its way through those furry ever-active cute creatures? Or do humans just feel jealous since they miss their cats and expect that the other party develops similar feelings?

Do Cats Get Lonely When You Are Away?

Although dogs are the ones taking all the credit of being humans’ best companions, cats are social beings who often grow golden relationships with their owners, and any sudden unexplainable pause or prolonged away-time might threaten this bond.

So, “YES!” cats do get lonely when you spend time outside time. You might think about your feline friend the next time your friends invite you for a sleepover, a late-night party, or a two-week vacation.


Do Cats Get Lonely In Your Presence?

Let’s suppose that you’ve decided to stay, but your feline friend is still showing signs of loneliness (we will discuss this in a minute). What could be the reason behind this?

The answer to this question is very simple “your cat needs feline companionship.” Although your presence is vital to your cat, cats often crave social bonds with their species.

To solve this riddle, you can arrange for a dual-meeting with one of your friends who has a cat, where you and your body can spend time talking about old days while let the cats know each other.

So it’s kind of like a double date but with cats companionship involved!


How To Know If Your Feline Friend Is Craving For Social Life?

It’s not hard to spot a lonely cat. Here is the kind of behavior you should be expecting from your lonely friend:

  • Unusually Excessive Grooming. 
  • Becoming Super Chatty. 
  • Hostile Behavior When Spotting You In Your Way Out Of Home. 
  • Developing The Habit Of Destruction (throwing toys and things around the home).
  • Often Clings With You Whenever You Move. 

What Can You Provide To A Lonely Kitty?

Felines have intercommunications needs just like we do. It’s not good for your cat to stay alone for a long time. Nevertheless, by providing a suitable environment for your cat, you can at least lower down the stress levels and make it look more socially active.

There are many great cat trees in the market. A cat tree might be the best friend your furry body will ever need while spending some alone time. Here is how you can help your cat by purchasing a cat tree:

  1. Since climbing is hard-coded in felines genes, your pet will soon forget about loneliness and get busy with exercising.
  2. A cat tree is the best way to get your furry friend to fall into sleep in no time, forgetting about social needs.
  3. Cat trees can open the way to animal-animal communication since most birds attract to it.
  • Cat Toys

Do cats get lonely? Not while playing! This is one of the very great ways to ensure felines well-health. Not only that, toys help your cat to exercise, but it’s beneficial since it’s one of the rare ways that cats can express their natural hunting instinct. With such a playing environment, your cat’s mind will soon be heading towards something else other than loneliness.

  • Keep The Television On

Do you get lonely while watching TV? I suppose not, at least not as lonely as you were before. TV is one of the great tools to lower down felines’ social needs.

Since sights and sounds somewhat offer a great companion that many cats prefer, it might be good to play something with music on.


How Long Is Considered Too Long When Leaving Cats Alone At Home?

While it might sound natural to leave cats alone when you get busy, it has a great effect on your feline friend’s health.

Generally, if your cat is a healthy grown-up cat (more than 6 months old), you leave him/her alone for up to 2 days. Anything beyond that is considered dangerous since:

  • Your cat might run out of food. 
  • Your cat might not find fresh water to drink. 
  • More than two days’ absence can have a large impact on your relationship with your pet. 
  • Your cat can get bored and start scouting around the house. Who knows? Maybe he/she eats human-made food that leads to poisonous in cats, or maybe your cat runs into sharp objects that leave deep wounds.

The Bottom Line

Many of the people asking do cats get lonely often neglect the fact that says, “other than chimpanzees, cats are the most genetically-similar animals to humans.” Both humans and cats love sardines, blueberries, chickens, and a nice bath after a long day (Maybe Not!). So, why wouldn’t they love social life like us?

If you have more information or a different answer to the question, do cats get lonely, please write them down below in the comment section. So, every cat owner benefits from that.

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