Is Catnip Good For Cats? 4 Amazing Ways To Use Catnip You Probably Didn’t Know



Is catnip good for cats? A question that is usually asked by many cat owners, as it is so interesting when you offer a taste or a spray of catnip to your feline friend. 

And then, all of a sudden, your cat starts a display of pure cuteness; jumping, rolling around, stretching, doing a little samba! And you’re like, why?

What Is Catnip? And How Does It Work? 

Catnip is a plant that belongs to the mint family, originates from North America. Catnip is known for its potency among cats’ behavior, and from there, it gets its name, “catnip,” but it is also known as Nepeta cataria.” 

The scientific reason behind its capability to hypnotize your feline stands behind the fact that this herb contains a volatile oil that travels through the surrounding air to your cat’s nose where it acts on a special gland, sending pleasurable signals to your cat’s brain and so the latter starts to experience a moment of joy and happiness, but how can you use catnip? 

This article will discuss 4 unique ways to use catnip to have the best experience with your feline. Let’s get started!

#1 Get That Lazy Feline In Action! 

Catnip products come in many forms; sprays, bubbles, dried catnip, and the raw herb you might get from your garden or the farm. These forms widen the range of how you can use catnip, which is good for your lazy feline that spends her whole time sleeping and eating!

You can spray some catnip on scratchboard or a toy and play catch with your feline. That hyperactivity will help your cat’s body move, burn calories, and improve blood circulation.


#2 My Cat Is Stressed Out Most Of The Time. Is Catnip Good For Cats That Are Stressed Out?

As we mentioned above, catnip contains nepetalactone that can work on a cat’s brain by revealing stress, helping the cat get a few minutes of bliss and fun, reducing anxiety, and helping your cat relax and relieve some stress even for some brief time.

#3 When Your Cat Is Losing Interest!

We all know how curious cats are, but what about our domestic cats? Being stuck at home most of the time must be really boring. Thus, your cat might start to lose interest all at once. 

There, where you can put fresh catnip inside individual boxes, place them near your cat and watch her go wild; exploring, hitting, and trying to open them helps place toys inside the containers for extra entertainment.

#4 Help Your Cat Get A Particular Habit Or Routine

We tend to say that catnip is used widely among veterinarians to help reduce your cat into getting medicine or an injection. 

You can use it for that purpose too, like training your cat to use a bell, for example, or to even use the litter box, by rewarding her with a few licks of catnip afterward, to promote good behaviors!


Is Catnip Good For Cats? A Few Facts You Need To Consider Beforehand!

Catnip is good for cats. But pay attention that catnip is not useful for kittens under the age of 4-5 months because their neurological system isn’t developed enough to create signals. 

If your little kitten can detect and react to catnip, it is advised to give it in tiny amounts, as it might lead to some problems.

Not all cats can experience the changes in behavior caused by catnip, as it differs from one cat to another, so before you get your hopes high. It is better to try if your cat will actually get affected by catnip.

As much as you would think that catnip is addicting, it is not. The Scientist proved that once your cat gets enough, she will be more likely to stop consuming it. 

Still, if an overdose occurred, it is better to seek help from your veterinarian, as too much catnip can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea, which is dangerous and demands medical care.

Even though catnip is used to help your cat be happy, it is also showed that catnip could trigger aggressive behavior because the aimed reaction differs from one cat to another.

Catnip doesn’t contain any nutrients, which is something you have to keep in mind. You can not rely on catnip as a source of vitamins or nutritional value. But that’s also a good thing if you want to cut out your cat’s diet. It will not make your cat lose anything.

Catnip sprays might not be as effective as other products. And it is best proved that fresh catnip leaves are the most effective. Of course, products other than sprays are effective and work as a great alternative if spray products did not work.


Is Catnip Good For Cats? The Conclusion

The answer is yes, you can rest assure, catnip is not harmful at all, and it will cause zero harmful effects on your cat.

Just make sure you do not give it to your cat in excessive amounts, and let the doses be small and for specific purposes. If your cat is aggressive, please consider care once using catnip as it might increase that and causes some unwanted, dramatic events. (you don’t want that, trust me!) 

One last thing, you can always grow your own catnip, its fresh leaves will be excellent for your cat, but of course, you can always aim for catnip products to have an immense amount of fun with your cat.

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