Benefits Of Having A Cat – 16 Outstanding Facts You Didn’t Know Before



As a cat owner, you must already know that there are many benefits of having a cat. 

But let’s just picture this scenario right now, you are on your way home, tired and annoyed until the hungry cat down the road starts meowing at you, with pleading eyes to get some food. 

Hence, you give your cat a bite of your sandwich, and suddenly, your day is ten times better!

That, and you are still wondering about the benefits of having a cat? — in this article, we will talk about 15 outstanding facts proven by science about owning a cat. I’m pretty sure that by the end of this article, you are going to get your kitty-cat instantly — wait for it!


1- More Oxytocin

The oxytocin hormone, or what is called “the hugging hormone,” is a hormone released from the posterior lobe of your pituitary gland when you experience some joy, pleasure, or happiness, basically, pleasurable interactions with your environment. 

It was recorded in several studies that animal-human interactions help release this hormone due to the absolute joy derived from playing with your cat, hugging her warm furry body, or maybe snuggling her during cold times. Therefore, having a cat means more oxytocin!

2- Lower Blood Pressure 

Life is not easy; work, family, and problems are always blamed for keeping you stressed out 24/7. Stress is a bad guy, and it can trigger many health problems such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, etc. 

That’s why by reducing stress levels, you’ll see how your elevated blood pressure will soon get lower as a result, and who can relieve your stress better than a cat’s paw on your forearm fondling and showering you with love and affection? 

One of the most significant benefits of having a cat is that you will be stress-free most of the time, thus, healthier and less likely to have hypertension. According to a study, over 120 couples were put under stressful tasks; cat owners managed to cope better and tended to be calmer than the rest.


3- Healthier Kids

A fascinating study showed that early exposure to animals is beneficial for strengthening your baby’s immune system and preventing allergy later on in life. 

This doesn’t only apply to skin allergy, but other types of; dust allergy. Yes! Having a cat is going to help your kids in the future.

4- Better Social Life

According to a study done back in 2018, over 11.000 Japanese people over the age of 65, cat owners lived a better life on the social level. 

As they seemed to be more outgoing, more confident, and had smoother personalities, as they were less nervous than the people who didn’t have pets. 

Having a cat helps you get rid of being shy and awkward, improves your conversations with others, as you have something to talk about right now, which is your feline! And it also helps you with social panic; and anxiety. 


5- Less Depression

Many people nowadays rush to YouTube videos to watch cats being all crazy and weird. That, somehow, can fuel your body with positive energy and brighten your mood for the entire day. 

Exactly how a study carried out by Indiana University reviewed about people feeling happier after watching cats moments. 

Thus, if watching felines makes people that happy, then what about having a cute one on your lap?

One of the loveliest benefits of having a cat is that it will cure your depression and make your life more delightful and jubilant.

6- No More Nightmares

This one is quite interesting, as few recent studies showed, having a cat’s company while sleeping is going to help you feel more secure and relaxed. 

Thus, reducing nightmares and bad dreams, some people find sleeping with their pet to be more relaxing and cozy than with a partner!


7- Maintaining Discipline

One of the most excellent methods to bring yourself into a disciplined life is to take responsibility, and having a cat is quite a lot of responsibility. 

Many mentors advise their students to own a pet if they want to learn discipline. Taking care of your cat, feeding her regularly, taking her to the vet, or walking her outside, demands high levels of consistency and devotion, and that has its own reflection on your life.

8- Extra Safety 

Animals are well-known for their alarming senses and quick responses. An animal can smell, see, and sense ten times more than a human. And that’s why having a pet in your household means extra safety and more insurance. 

For example, if a fire suddenly started in your kitchen at night, your cat would immediately rush to wake you up because she will notice the fire hours before you do. Thus, she’ll save you and your family from any undetectable danger.


9- The Best Cure For Autism

Human companionship is great, but it is not always the needed company. Some people with special conditions might struggle to get along with human beings, and here where the benefits of having a cat lies. 

The feline will help your kid that has autism have a trust-worthy friendship, play, and interact, and soon your kid will feel a lot better; more confident, brave, and less scared of people.

10- Healthier Heart

Proven by scientific studies, it was evaluated that having a cat for more than 10 years reduces the danger of having a heart attack by 30%. 

The reason behind that can be due to the fun, happiness, and joy your cat spreads into your life, another reason that a cat is like a clown sometimes. More laughter means healthier organs, as it makes blood rush into your arteries and improves your circulation.

12- You Are Not Alone! 

You get home from work, nobody is there. It is lonely and frustrating until your lovely cat detects your presence and runs to you, welcoming you home by rubbing her head against your legs, meow “welcome home” to you until you pick her up, and you two enjoy the rest of the evening! Pretty wholesome.


13- Fighting Cholesterol!

You might find this odd, same, but science is here to prove us wrong! According to a study done back in 2006, living with a cat has evidence of lowering Triglycerides and keeping cholesterol levels in control! Now you are not fighting high cholesterol levels on your own; your furry friend has your back!

14- Healthier Bones By Doctor Meow!

This one is outstanding, and yet it is also proved by science that cats’ voices, in addition to being so cute and funny, help your bones and muscles heal! Explaining that cat’s purrs vibrate between 18-140 HZ, which is found to help your body heal and relax.

15- Kinder Personality For Your Kids

It might seem evident that human-animal interactions help improve empathy and kindness. By adopting a feline, you create that in your kid’s heart; to love, care, and build a warm personality, which is the most important element we want our kids to have. 

When your kid plays and cares for your feline, feeding her, protecting her, and holding her, they form a sense of responsibility and kindness all at once.

16- Mr. Meow Is Responsible

One of the loveliest things about cats is that they are so clean by nature. You can see street cats being all clean and shiny. Cats groom themselves regularly, and cats are the only animals with strict defecation habits, which is so impressive! 

To have a cat means less effort than adopting another pet, as they are fast learners, intelligent and witty.


Few Words On Benefits Of Having A Cat

In the end, there are so many benefits of having a cat, and you will have a loyal friend that has your back all the time, that welcomes you, knead your thighs, meow at you, purr for you to be healthier

And come on! Who doesn’t want to spend their evening scratching their cat’s back and watch her meow in satisfaction? (Cute times)

Now you know it, a feline in your home means extra happiness and light in your household, for you, your kids, and your family!

Cats are smart, playful, and creative animals, creatures that humans were fond of ages ago. They are best friends and a fluffy machine that can’t stop being adorable and curious.

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