Why Do Cats Drool Excessively?



We all know that “Dogs drool, cats rule”; however, some cat owners may notice that cats sometimes drool too. Yet, most of them don’t know why do cats drool excessively? There are different factors, some of them can be normal, and some can be very dangerous.

So it is good for the cat owners to know the possible causes for excessive drooling and their symptoms. Cats drool due to natural causes such as feeling fear, intimidation, or smelling pleasant food, etc. In these cases, the drooling will end as soon as the reason disappears. Nevertheless, if the drooling continues for several days excessively, then you should be concerned. 

In this article, we will provide you with different possible causes that lead your cat to drool excessively and whether you should worry or not. Also, by the end of this article, you will know the answer to our today’s question of why do cats drool excessively.


5. Excessive Drooling And Cat’s Oral Diseases:

Cats get tooth decay, and it may take some time for the infection to appear. In the beginning, cats may be able to hide their feeling of pain. Still, with the development of a cat’s teeth infection, a buildup of plaque and tartar or plague, and gum infections, symptoms begin to appear, including the cat’s excessive drooling.

And there is a high chance that this is the reason why do cats drool excessively in most cases. To make sure you can raise its upper lip and look at its teeth, if you notice that the teeth are brown or that the gum is swollen or inflamed, then this may be the reason.

To prevent this problem, Dr. Rita Santiago suggests the following tips for keeping your cat’s mouth clean and healthy.

  • Regular veterinary exams: oral examination, every six months, is essential to prevent oral disease at their very early stages.
  • Brushing your cat’s teeth: brushing your cat’s teeth, now and then, can go a long way toward preventing dental disease. This should be introduced during kittenhood, so cats become used to the process. If your cat has a tender mouth, then you should try other oral care products like Oral rinses, gels, and sprays.
  • Treats and special diets: These diets are designed to prevent or dramatically slow the accumulation of tartar on the teeth. You can also use dental chews for cats. These offer an abrasive texture that helps remove debris and plaque from your cat’s teeth.

If you already take care of your cat’s dental health, then probably this is not the reason your cat’s excessive drooling. 


4. Is My Cat Drooling Due To Kidney Failure? 

Kidney failure is another possible reason why do cats drool excessively. Although we do hope that this is not the case with your cat, nevertheless, you should make sure that the is drooling is not combined with thirst and urination, leaking urine, vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite, weight loss, depression, or overall body weakness.

As Dr. Becker, from Healthy Pet, assures, the above symptoms are the most common signs for kidney disease. So if your kitty is excessively drooling and showing the mentioned symptoms, you should consider kidney failure as a potential cause. You should keep an eye on your cat because such a malady is deadly, and the sooner you contact the veterinarian, the better for your cat (and you).

3. My Cat Is Drooling Excessively, Is It Poisoned?

If you notice your cat is drooling excessively with symptoms of severe fatigue, maybe your kitty is poisoned. Almost any kind of toxin your cat is exposed to can make cats drool. If your environment contains the following substances, then you shouldn’t wonder why do cats drool excessively without warning? They may be poisoned. 

Poisoning elements for cats: 

  • Household cleaners
  • Antidepressants
  • Lilies
  • Insoluble oxalate plants (dieffenbachia, philodendron, etc.)
  • Human and veterinary NSAIDs
  • Human cold and flu medications
  • Glow sticks
  • Mouse and rat poison

To prevent your cat’s drooling, you should keep this stuff out of reach from your pet, and if you applied any product to your skin (for medical reasons), keep yourself away from it too. (We know it is hard, but it is for your cat’ sake). 


2. Car Rides Makes Your Cat Drool!

We know you enjoy car rides, but your cat may not. It can be the reason why do cats drool excessively all of a sudden. When your cat gets into the car for the first time, it may get dizzy because of the speed of the car. Some cats are afraid of the rapidity as well as the loud noises on the street, which may cause them to panic and to drool.

So you may notice that your cat is breathing quickly, with increased drooling and a fast heartbeat when riding the car. Therefore, it would be better if you keep your cat away from car rides and if you have to take it on one, make sure you keep it in its box and cover the box so that the cat does not see what is happening outside.

In these cases, Dr. Becker advises you to spray Flower essences in the cat carrier 15 minutes before you put your kitty in it for travel. They help in calming a frightened or stressed-out cat, and as a result, your cat won’t be drooling anymore. 

1. Cats Drool When Things Stuck In Their Mouth:

While your cat is playing, it may encounter some strings or wires on the ground and swallows it accidentally. This may cause cats to drool excessively, especially if the object is sharp or large. These objects can get caught in the tongue, soft or hard palate, or back of the throat.

As a result, your cat may be troubled due to the oral pain and perhaps its inability to close its mouth. Foreign bodies are a common reason why do cats drool excessively. If this is the cause of drooling, then you should try to remove the object, and if you are not able to, contact your vet immediately.

How Can I Help My Drooling Cat?

We hope we answered your question on why do cats drool excessively? But in reality, cat’s drooling, if not too much and not for too long, shouldn’t bother you, yet you should contact your vet if you are concerned. You have to keep in mind that the best way to maintain your cat’s well-being is to set regular visits with your vet (and to prevent your cat’s drooling, of course).

This may empty your pocket, but it will surely fill up your heart with joy and happiness because noting makes us happy then seeing our pet hale and hearty.

So finally, I hope you found this article “why do cats drool excessively” useful and informative. Let me know your answer down below. What do you think about this topic? Do you have more information or tips about Feline drooling? Write them down below.

If you have any other questions or different opinions about it, leave a comment below.

Today’s Quote:

“I had been told that the training procedure with cats was difficult. It’s not. Mine had me trained in two days!” — Bill Dana


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3 years ago

This is one more informative article about “why cats drool excessively”. I’m gaining so much knowledge even though I do not own a cat through your site. Your passion for cats makes me want to adopt one some day. Now I know that when a cat drools it could be stimulated by the a number of factors you’ve listed but if the drooling persists, it may be a cause for concern as the situation may need to be attended to as a matter of urgency. I love the top image. The cat looks so cute and innocent. Thank you for this great article.

3 years ago

I like Bill Dana’s quote. Cats really do train you, lol. One of mine’s got me trained to get up every single night to let him in, so he can come to bed, and a few hours later he expects me to get up again to let him out. Little Mister got me trained, it’s become a habit for me. Sometimes, when I’m lucky he joins me when I am about to go to bed, which saves me from getting up at night 😉

My two healthy cats do not drool, but I have a cat with feline leukemia and he drools excessively. Unfortunately, there is not much I can do for him since his disease has no cure and is fatal. It is a miracle that he has lived with this disease for nearly 7 years and he is happy and has no pain. I started giving him CBD oil, hoping it would help a little.
I will also check about getting some healthy treats for his gums. Hopefully, that will help too. It will not cure him of feline leukemia, but it may alleviate some symptoms. His defenses are low because of feline leukemia, so I think that is why he drools so much.

I did not know that cats could also drool when they have a foreign object in their mouths. I found out some interesting facts here, and they are good to know, just in case 😉

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