Why Do Cats Follow You To The Bathroom? 5 Fascinating Reasons You Need To Know!



One of our Facebook page followers asked us why do cats follow you to the bathroom? Therefore, we decided to write today’s article discussing the possible reasons for this action from cats!

Cats are these warm, feline, fluff-rolls that everybody wants to cuddle and snuggle. Not only are they so attractive, but they also having their own ingenious ways to make you fall to high heavens into them.

We all may know how crazy our cats can be. And sometimes their actions are so weird that we get really concerned about the reason behind certain behavior. One of these weird habits is when your cat follows you to the bathroom.

Do you always wake up and try to find your way into the bathroom to get ready for your day before your little cat decides to (no) you until you let her keep your company there? And you wonder why? Do you get back home from a long tiring day at work only to find your cat hiding in the bathroom after ruining an entire roll of toilet paper? 

Well, in this article, we are going to solve the puzzle and try to explain the reasons behind your cat following you around, waiting for you outside the bathroom’s door while meowing loudly and hitting on the door like a maniac! So without any more delays, here are five secrets about why do cats follow you to the bathroom!


Where Did My Mom Go? Now I Am Scared! 

Despite cats being considered a bunch of small predators, they still see you as their safety flag, warm and fond protector. That’s probably why cats follow you almost everywhere. 

Once you are gone behind a closed door, a sudden feeling of an incoming danger might creep into your cat’s mind.

Of course, because you, as known as their hero, is absent, that feeling intensifies, and that’s why your cat follows you or even waits for you outside the bathroom’s door. And this is by far the favorite reason scientists and vets claim why cats follow you to the bathroom.

What’cha Doing There?

As we all know, cats are private creatures. They like to have their own space and “leave me alone” moments. Whether your cat is eating or using their litter box, they want you to turn a blind eye to that. In other words, your cat wants you to respect their privacy! But when it comes to yours, well, cats make no promises because curiosity will be there!

Cats tend to be so curious about everything, especially about what matters to them, like you, your house, and their home. That’s why your cat wants to know everything; what if you are cheating and playing with other cats behind that door? Not a good idea!

There is no way to find out, and thus your cat always follows you to the bathroom; even more, sometimes your cat wants to watch you poop or even pee (sad times). Don’t get weirded out! Your cat is just curious (which is a personality characteristic of cats) about every single place in your house and so about your bathroom.


“Suddenly, I Don’t Feel Like I’m Loved Enough.” By Your Cat Who Follows You To The Toilet

As we mentioned above, cats want to have privacy and want you to respect those blablabla cat things. Nevertheless, cats are the most influential attention seekers out there; being the smart cuties they are, cats can notice if you are busy reading a book, talking with your friends, or even reading this article! 

And so having no time to give some pets for that lonely cat nearby (how dare you?!) something like that might give your cat the idea of seeking your attention while you are in the bathroom basically doing nothing important (from your cat’s perspective, though). 

That’s why your cat snuggles your leg while sitting on the toilet chair, hopefully. They might get some love and pets—a pretty cute answer to whoever wonders why do their cat guards them while they poop.


Is This A Gaming Room Or Something Like That? I Like This! 

Let’s take a closer look at our bathrooms. We will realize that these places have many exciting things for your cats, such as a bathtub curtain hanging here to that toilet paper roll out there ready and waiting – oh, this one is pretty interesting, says the cats’ community- and of course, the sink that works out as a comfy bed for your cat.

Keeping that in mind, that’s why your cat loves the bathroom because it merely contains a lot of exciting play tools that your cat can kill boredom with. So if you are wondering why do cats follow you to the bathroom or want to spend time there, this works out as a convincing reason if you ask me. And you can’t blame them, though. They are just bored.

What Are You Hiding There? Treats? 

The more you tend to hide something, the more curious you make your cat! Your cat might think you are hiding food or maybe something yummy you don’t feel like sharing! 

As we may know, the value of our pets’ resources, and that’s enough reasoning for them to follow us around looking for them and such why do cats follow you to the bathroom to try and get their hands on some expected treats or a woolen roll! Who knows.


Why Do Cats Follow You To The Bathroom? No Worries! There Is Always Good Intention About Your Cat Following You To The Bathroom!

A lot of cats’ behaviors are still left unclear. Despite the efforts our vets are putting into trying to figure out the weird yet interesting cats and animals’ habits in general. 

Whether you are a cat owner or just someone who wonders why do cats follow you to the bathroom, I guess that was some funny yet interesting approaches that would serve as an answer to your question.

Remember that your cats love you, and that’s pretty much the reason behind their somehow weird actions. Your cats seek value and attention from you. 

They want to know every little thing here and there. From that point, I think we can say that underneath the fact of your cat following you into the bathroom lies good intentions as your cat might be worried about you, missing your presence, or just trying to have fun inside the bathroom with you. So, don’t be scared when your cat wants to be in the bathroom with you; just let her in! Meow. 

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