Should I Get Another Cat? 5 Important Rules You Need To Consider!



Should I get another cat? That is one of the common questions for cat owners! You have been living with that cute little thing for a while already. Basically, that innocent fluffy meowing machine played wonders in your head with their witty methods, and now you are wondering should I get another cat?

It might look like an easy question for non-cat owners who might tell you to go for it, but for people with experience, well, it is not always that easy.

Today, we will give you five “rules” to consider to help you make that decision because a pet is like a kid. You have to make sure you are ready before taking any irresponsible action, so let’s get started!


Money Is Getting In The Way

If you already have a cat, I am pretty sure that you have a clear image of what it is like to have a pet; animal food is quite expensive, and when your cat gets sick, you know that you should get ready to pay for the vet, let along doing check-ups now and then.

So if you already find it a bit difficult to provide your kitty with everything she needs, please reconsider your decision because getting a new cat means doubling the bills. 

If you can’t afford that, you might have to wait until you are financially stable. Then you can ask yourself,” should I get another cat?” kind of questions.

My Cat Passed Away; Should I Get Another Cat?

One of the greatest mistakes you make is adopting a new feline into your household after your kitty had lost her friend. 

Animals are similar to humans; they get sad, angry, and grieve when losing a dear one. If your cat had already lost her friend, and she is already getting aloof and losing appetite, if it means anything, it only means that she is sad and needs your support. 

Getting a new cat during a time like that might not be as great as you would think. So, if your cat is grieving, give her some time before introducing your cat to the new guest. That, for sure, is better for both of you.


Make The Fun Double! 

Truth to be said, having a cat is pretty much fun. Who doesn’t like to be around a creature with an angelic face and a smart mind?! One kitty is already exciting, then what about two? 

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. If your cat is spoiled and pretty much enjoying the idea of having you and your household all for herself, you are then adapting to the whole idea of sharing all of these blessings with another cat would be difficult. 

Some cats might love company, but not all of them, and that’s why you should know what type of cats you have first hand; is your cat always loud and energetic? Is she sweet or aggressive? Does she seem to get along with your neighbor’s cat, for example? 

All of that is important to consider before asking the question, should I get another cat? Right? Even if your cat is a sweetie, you still need to put effort into the introduction ceremony, which might take days! Because cats might be sweethearts to you but not to another cat, though.

Should I Get Another Cat While My Apartment Is Relatively Small?

Space is something everybody enjoys having, especially animals, and while wild cats have plenty of that element, our domestic cats here don’t! 

No matter how big your apartment is, your cat will still desire more space, where she can play more, jump more, even meow more. So if your place is already too small, I think it is better to wait before adopting a new feline. The least you need is to watch your cats fight over the sofa! (scary stuff!) 


Birds With Feathers Fly Together!

Why am I using a quote featuring birds while talking about cats? No offense, miss kitty! But yes, sometimes you have to dig even deeper and try to find every personality trait your cat has. Only to match it as much as possible with your new cat’s personality. 

Again, not all cats get along, and not all of them hate the company. In this case, it helps to get your second cat from the same litter or a litter that is known to get along with your cat.

Do Cats Get Lonely?

Sometimes you are worried and concerned about your cat being lonely once you are outside. So you’d feel bad for her and think about getting another feline. 

If you have a tiring job that requires you to leave the house for many hours, then it is something to think about. 

Yes, cats get lonely, despite them being solitary creatures and all that private nature talk. Let me tell you that it doesn’t apply to every aspect of their life, maybe during hunting and eating. 

But some cats will really love to have a friend to share some time with, play with, and cuddle with. Just keep in mind the previous rules we talked about and go for it.


Now, Should I Get Another Cat? 

Yes, but please note that it is not only your decision but your cat’s as well. Is it cruel to have only one cat? Not at all! If you don’t have the facilities for that, then you can always wait until you do. 

We all want two, maybe three frisky felines that would spread happiness and joy into our lives, but we also don’t want to make our house an octagon where our cats are the mighty fighters, right?

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