The Best Cat Breeds For First Time Owners – The #1 Ultimate Guide



Choosing the best cat breeds for first time owners can be confusing if you consider adopting a cat. This is because there are many different cat breeds, more than 60 different cat breeds worldwide

So, how can you choose what best matches your search? In fact, some people cannot decide what makes a better family pet: a cat or a dog. You can make up your mind on the right choice depending on what suits your lifestyle better. This depends on many factors related to the pet itself or your personal preferences as a pet owner. 

Like humans, cat breeds are never the same; they have different traits, personalities, and behaviors. For instance, some are friendly, outgoing, gentle, affectionate, active, intelligent, quiet, curious, dominant, or spontaneous, while others are precisely the opposite. Appearances and physical features also differ significantly; they vary in size, look, color and hair.

Therefore, you can choose from a wide variety of cat breeds and enjoy having a lifelong cute feline companion and the best cat breeds for first-time owners. To know more, check out this article to find out about the best 15 different cat breeds suitable for first-time cat owners to help them get along well with their new lifelong friends.


The 15 Best Cat Breeds For First Time Owners

Choosing a suitable cat for you and your house can be challenging and depending on many elements such as your personality, salary, house size, etc. So, in our article, we will help you decide the best breed for you and your family!

#1 Ragdolls


Ragdolls are our first choice as one of the best cat breeds for first time owners. They are large cats with gorgeous blue eyes, a long tail, and a pointed pattern. 

Ragdolls are the most sociable cat breed suitable for people who stay home a lot and want a friendly companion around. Moreover, they are extremely friendly and thrilled to stay around you wherever you or your children go. 

Additionally, they like to draw your attention and stay in your arms as long as possible. So, if you are the sort of person ready to cuddle and hold a cat most of the time, go for Ragdolls, or else your cat will feel lonely and miss you. Ragdolls can be one of the best cat breeds for first time owners.   

#2 Scottish Folds


What can be greater domestic pets than those medium-sized affectionate and loyal cats? Scottish folds are very smart, and like being around people and children all the time, so they are sociable. 

At the same time, they are not demanding or clingy as they don’t like to stay on your lap all the time. Moreover, Scottish Folds look adorable and lovable with their round faces, round heads, short legs, big eyes, medium-long soft hair, and small folded ears. Astonishing! 

#3 Bengals


This brown-spotted cat might appear wild in appearance, but actually, it is loving and playful. Bengals have a large body, a large head, and short legs. They are blue-eyed and live up to 13 years. 

Therefore, if you like an active and alert cat around you, then Bengals is for you. Moreover, they have a friendly and sweet personality and don’t mind being surrounded by children or other pets. 

However, if you live in a large city with loud noises, consider getting a Bengal because it gets along well in this noisy environment making Bengals the best cat breeds for first time owners in a city, unlike some other breeds that prefer quiet environments.   

#4 Maine Coons


Maine Coons are a very popular and widespread cat breed making it one of the best cat breeds for first time owners without any doubt. 

A Maine Coon is a large cat in size, and it has 5 different colors with long smooth hair. They also have big ears, big oval eyes, and a bushy tail. Moreover, they are cuddly and affectionate in personality. 

But, they like to receive their owner’s attention all the time. They enjoy spending their life with a family, children, or even other pets. They also love to talk and meow but in a low and soft voice. Hence, if you find that its traits and characteristics are suitable for you, then Maine Coon is your choice!

#5 American Shorthair Cats


Short Hair breed is one of the best cat breeds for first-time cat owners; why? First, they live up to 20 years and stay in good health because of their long lifespan. So, if you want a family cat to grow old with you, this is the right choice. Also, they are good-looking and beautiful creatures.

What is more interesting is that they don’t require much care and maintenance due to their short hair. Moreover, they are independent; and they don’t like you to pick them up. Finally, they are playful; and they would play all day non-stop, either with humans, with a ball, or a scratching post. 

#6 British Shorthair Cats


British Shorthair can be an excellent choice. They are gorgeous cats and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Additionally, they have short and thick hair along with round faces, heads, cheeks, and eyes. 

But, they are large in size yet affectionate and loving friends. Concerning personality, they are quiet, independent, sociable, and playful. 

However, they like to spend time with family members. Also, little grooming is needed as they have short hair. In addition, they can live indoors and outdoors, so they are highly adaptive. So they are suitable for busy owners.

#7 Exotic Shorthair Cats 


This cat is unique and cute in appearance. It is medium with a round head and an open face. Its small ears are wide apart, and the eyes are round and big. 

Their legs are short, with cute rounded paws. Can you imagine how adorable they are? As its name suggests, its hair is short but thick. Also, they are highly active and sociable with a very soft voice. However, they are shy and not very talkative. 

So, if you live alone and out of the house most of your time, get an Exotic Shorthair cat as it will be acceptable for them to stay alone at home and enjoy solitude. All they need is a little grooming every day. Hence, it will be one of the best cat breeds for first time owners who prefer to live with a cute & calm cat.

#8 Birmans


First-time cat owners sometimes search for good-looking cats with nice colors and patterns. Birmans have various colors and markings on different body parts like the face, legs, ears, and back. 

Moreover, they have long soft silky, and smooth hair and medium-size ears, and their short legs give them a cute appearance. However, because of their long hair, they need daily grooming and maintenance.

But, Birmans are unique due to the fact that they need great attention and feel jealous as they have a solid attachment to one owner. Yet, they are always friendly with a quiet nature and not aggressive or mean cats. They live up to 13 years.

#9 Somali Cats


Somali cats can be found in many different color ranges, and golden brown is the most common. They are medium-size with a medium-length coat with hazel or green eyes. Additionally, they have compelling personality traits that make them the best cat breeds for first time owners. 

Hence, if you are considering adopting or buying a family cat that is intelligent and playful, go for this cat breed. You won’t feel bored when you own one as it will be active indoors and love to go outdoors as well. 

However, to keep it busy and happy indoors, it is recommended to give it toys and balls to enjoy its time. In addition, you need to know that Somali cats require moderate grooming due to their medium-length hair. Furthermore, Somali cats need a balanced diet to stay healthy and in shape.

#10 Persian Cats


The Persian cat breed is convenient for you if you prefer cute and extremely beautiful cats with a unique character. They are characterized by their long hair, round ears, round eyes, cute cheeks, and flat face. What can be more adorable and more attractive than that? 

In addition, Persian cats are attractive in personality and temperament. Persian cats are playful and friendly to all family members and the ones they trust. So you will live with a lovable and furry pet around the house. 

Moreover, they will be ok with other pets, and they won’t mind you putting them in your lap or picking them up. However, you only need to pay attention to their diet and exercise to keep them fit and healthy. You also need to take care and brush their hair regularly as their coat has long flowing hair.

#11 Sphynx Cats


Opposite to Persians, Sphynxes are hairless or almost hairless pets, making them perfect for allergic people. However, if you are a fluffy cat lover, you won’t go for it. Instead, you will be surprised by its distinctive appearance, hairless, wrinkled skin, triangular head, large pointed ears, and thin body. 

As for their personality, Sphynx cats have many positive traits. They are friendlier than other breeds and want your attention all the time. They are also energetic and active as it keeps playing indoors and involves themselves in your own activities. 

However, it would be best if you got many toys, balls, and scratching posts to keep it happy all the time. In summary, this unique cat can be one of the best cat breeds for first time owners who don’t have time to groom a cat.              

#12 Siamese Cats


Siamese cats come second to Sphynxes in terms of grooming and hair shedding. Thus, they are suitable for you if this concerns you. They’ve got white or creamy fur with bright blue eyes and a darker face and legs. They also have long, thin legs and long tails. 

Nonetheless, they are excellent friends for humans because they are intelligent and can be trained to do specific tasks. In addition, they like to be cared for and played with at home, so provide them with balls and cat trees as they always want to jump around the house. 

They are also a bit noisy and meow very often, making them energetic in the house just like kids. So just a piece of advice, take good care of their diet and how much they eat to avoid getting fat and health problems. 

#13 Burmese Cats


Those domestic cats are smooth & fluffy with short coats, and they vary in colors, with deep brown color being the most popular. They can either be solid in color or have a tortoiseshell pattern. Their distinctive appearance feature is that everything is round: face, ears, eyes, chin, and feet. 

What characterizes their personality is that they are continually curious and like to discover everything around them, even the outside world, through a window. 

But, pay attention. They don’t get well with other cat breeds, so they are one of the best cat breeds for first time owners without any competition. Additionally, as with some other breeds, Burmese cats like to jump and run, so get them cat trees, and also need to pay attention to their meals & diet.  

#14 Russian Blue Cats


If you are a silver or grey cat color lover, Russian Blue cats are what you are looking for. They are medium-sized cats but having thick short coats make them appear large. They also got gorgeous emerald green eyes. Adopt one of these intelligent, brilliant, and loyal cats, and you will never regret that. 

Besides, they are affectionate and sensitive and like to stay with you as a parent or with family members or other pets in the house, but not with strangers. Concerning their voice, it is usually soft, but they meow very frequently when they want anything from their parents (Spoiled Cats!). Plus, taking care of them is not very demanding or time-consuming, and regular weekly grooming is enough. 

#15 Himalayan Cats


This thickly coated cat breed is very beautiful and elegant in appearance. It is large in size, and the thick long hair makes it looks even larger. The Himalayan’s body is short; its tail and ears are also short. In addition, they got big round eyes and a round head. 

Nonetheless, they are considered very affectionate with the family and relatively playful with kids and other pets. But, they prefer quiet houses with minor changes to make to the house as they get stressed quickly. 

Furthermore, they don’t like jumping and getting to high places; instead, they love lying on beds or sofas waiting for you to notice it. So, get a Himalayan; maybe your child can help in the daily grooming process if you are ready for a large amount of shedding. 

The Best Cat Breeds For First Time Owners – Final Thoughts

In conclusion, cats are the best companions for humans, disregarding their breed. They are the friendliest pets that you can get to your life. If you are still unsure which one is the best cat breeds for a first time owner, think again, choose the breed with the best behavior and character that suits you, and remember cats are different in personalities.

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