The 11 Best Cat Breeds For Seniors



The best cat breeds for seniors; it’s not an easy choice to make! Seniors need unique characteristics in their companion animals, especially cats. So you need to think hard about what type of cat breed you’re going to get, especially if you’re considering getting a cat for a senior.

Also, keep in mind that any cat breed can be perfect as a companion and can provide us great benefits. Still, some breeds’ natural behaviors and personalities are going to disturb seniors. Their needs are different, and that’s why it’s essential to know the best cat breeds for seniors before getting them a cat.

Therefore, we need to understand the needs of seniors and the right cat breed because it’s a bit different from the needs of people at an average age. For seniors, a cat that is friendly, easy-going, and calm can be the best companion.

Nonetheless, cats offer multiple benefits for seniors, they don’t bring just joy, comfort, and happiness, but cats can be the best company for seniors when they are alone. Therefore, adopting a cat for a senior can be a great idea to bring some joy to their daily life and make their days active in a unique way.

Therefore, we will present you with the best cat breeds for seniors that fit their different needs in today’s article. But before we mention our list, let’s talk a bit about the benefits of having a cat for seniors.


The Benefits Of Having A Cat For Seniors

No matter what age we are, bringing a cat into our home can be the best choice that gives us many benefits, physical and emotional as well, especially for seniors.

The best cat breeds for seniors can provide unconditional love and increase physical activity. That’s what makes cats an actual therapeutic for seniors.

Many studies have repeatedly proven the positive impact of adopting cats for seniors’ health. Consequently, they are considered the best companion. Yet, it’s essential to notice that it depends on what cat breed is good for you, your situation, and your personality.

Nevertheless, don’t worry about it. We will tell you more about the best cat breeds for seniors. In addition, here are some of the ways cats help improve mental and emotional well-being for seniors:

  • Less Stress: Having cats nearby has been shown to reduce stress levels when performing difficult tasks significantly. In fact, even thinking about a cat has a positive effect on stress levels.
  • Reduce Feelings Of Loneliness: A cat in your house can be your great companion. It can provide a substantial unconditional love to boost your emotional well-being, and you will notice its impact on your daily life. A companion animal or pet can make a great relationship and change your life to be better!!
  • Cats Need Low Maintenance: As a senior, you will not have to worry about going outside to walk them, and this is one of the best benefits of cats for seniors.
  • An Active Life: For some seniors, adopting a cat can be a great decision to make some changes in their lives and get out of the daily routine. Cats can help them be more active just by doing small tasks like feeding them or playing with them, particularly playful cat breeds.
  • Cats Have A Healing Power: Cats can low stress; as we mentioned above, it can also help difficult breathing, lower blood pressure, and heal infections. Isn’t it amazing? Studies have shown and proven the physical effects are real. Any cat owner will tell you how relaxing it is to have a cat and enjoy life together.
  • Cats Can Be Great Friends For Seniors: Cats are the way to make them feel loved, joy, and happiness in a unique way.

What Are The Best Cat Breeds For Seniors? 

#1 Birmans 


The Birman looks like a pointed cat with four white feet and deep blue eyes. What makes them the best cat breeds for seniors is their intelligence and attachment to one person, and also Birman cats are known as incredibly loving and affectionate breeds. 

#2 Ragdolls


Ragdolls are some of the beloved and best cat breeds for all generations due to their fascinating looks and fantastic personality. Ragdolls are considered to be the calmest cats, soft, and sociable. They will follow you around your home and make sure that they help you with every task you want. So if you are looking for a cat for a senior, Ragdolls are the choice.

#3 British Shorthair Cats 


The British shorthair is a pleasant cat to have as a companion, especially for seniors, they are loyal loving, and they are easy-going and calm. It’s one of the most recommended cat breeds for seniors thanks to their low active character compared to other breeds, as well can be entirely independent when they need to be.

#4 Burmilla Cats


The Burmilla cats bring together aspects of the Burmese and the Persian cats into one beautiful. Burmilla cats love their people without demanding too much attention and playful without being overly active. The Burmilla is joyful and sweet and makes a good companion for different ages.

#5 Russian Blue Cats


If you are tired of being alone and bored at home, and you are looking for a special cat that can bring some curiosity and joy to your home, then Russian Blue is your indispensable companion. Russian Blue cats are loyal cats that can follow their owner everywhere, they are enjoying their intimate moments, but they are also very social creatures.

#6 Persian Cats


Loving and friendly cats, purring kitty, undemanding cats are characteristics of the best cat breeds for seniors. It’s all in Persian cats, so yeah, you got your answer. If you are looking for a beautiful, loved, and loyal companion, the Persian cats, are your exceptional choice that you will always be thankful for having in your house.

#7 Scottish Fold Cats


They are a sweet, charming breed, easy to live, are the most dominant characteristic of Scottish Fold cats, they are also affectionate and comfortable with all family members. Scottish Fold can be a great addition to your family and the best cat breeds for seniors because of their adaptability to different environments.

#8 Snowshoe Cats


With the Snowshoe cats, you will make your home a world full of joy, happiness, and elegance. Snowshoe cats are playful, with a high level of intelligence, and interact with their owners. Having a Snowshoe in your home is falling in love with life again and being grateful for having this kind of cats with you 

#9 Exotic Shorthair Cats


Often called the “lazy man’s Persian,” Exotic shorthair are quiet cats with soft voices, loyal breed, Well-tempered, and friendly. No wonder they are one of the most adorable and beautiful cats. 

#10 American Shorthair Cats


The American Shorthair is frequently described as a friendly and attractive cat. This breed of cats is adaptable, adjustable, and trainable, making them one of the most ideal and best cat breeds for seniors. This breed is also known for being an excellent companion for all ages. It’s an absolute joy adding American Shorthair to your life. 

#11 Domestic Shorthair Cats


What’s a better decision than joining a Domestic Shorthair breed cat into your life, a playful, affectionate, quiet, and calm cat, and all available characteristics in Domestic Shorthair cats. By nature, they are not aggressive cats, making them friendly and terrific companions for children and seniors.

How To Take Care Of Your Cat As A Senior? 

So now, after you got a thorough idea about the best cat breeds for seniors, you are thinking about having a cat. Still, maybe you are asking how I can take care of my cat in a better way and satisfy all its needs.

Security, comfort, and lots of love are the most basic needs of any pet. As we covered the benefits and the best cat breeds for seniors, we will get more extensive into how we can offer and provide our cats their needs to feel safe and loved. To take care of your cat as a senior, you will need: 

But as a senior, these tasks may be tiring and difficult for you. However, we will try to make it easier for you, and all you need to do is take it easy and do it slowly, more often than usual, to keep these tasks as less annoying as possible: 


Step 1: Make Sure You Get Extra Litter Boxes For Your Cats

That may sound weird. Why would you get 2 litter boxes for 1 cat? The idea here is to keep your cat happy by finding a clean litter box while you are cleaning them “slowly.” As a senior, you might not be able to clean your cat’s litter box faster enough. 

A general rule of thumb for litter boxes is one for each cat plus one more, so if you have one cat, you will need to get 2 litter boxes to encourage good litter box habits and don’t forget to keep it always clean and to make sure that your cat won’t be bothered by people, and place the box in a quiet and calm space.

Step 2: Feeding Your Cat

Like other pets, cats have some specific nutritional needs, just like any living creature. You can choose what food you want to feed your cats, depending on their breed and needs. First, however, you need to make sure that you provide your cat healthy and clean food and fresh water and make sure that you don’t overfeed your cat.

Before getting a cat, visit a vet and make sure to get all the information you need about “kittens” and their diet. Once you understand their food and diets, do your proper research on the best cat food and the amount of every age. Also, getting a cat water fountain is an excellent idea because cats love drinking from running water.

Step 3: Keep Your Cat Healthy 

It’s known that they can groom themselves, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to brush them. That will help you also to make attention to any fleas or other skin problems. So write a list of the required tools and equipment and then try to keep them beside you so when your cat sits beside you or on your lap, you can simply groom them with a brush.

Step 4: Keep Your Cat’s Teeth Clean

Just like humans, cats can develop tartar on their teeth, which can cause gum disease. You can use a unique and soft-bristled toothbrush to ensure that you will not hurt your cat, or just schedule a cleaning session with your veterinarian to keep your cat’s teeth in top condition and avoid any hassles.

Step 5: Enriched Indoor Environment

Cats live a happy and fulfilled life indoors. That’s why we must provide them with an enriched indoor environment for better expressing their natural behaviors, just like scratching, chewing, and playing, and also exploring the external world. 

You can ensure that just by providing your cat with various toys, cat trees, and scratching posts. Also, you change out periodically and play with your cat in different rooms or schedule at least 15-30 minutes of cuddle and playtime with your kitty twice a day.


Also, if you have a senior cat, you need to keep in mind that senior cats need a unique system for taking care of them. All you need to know is that you must keep your senior cat inside, pay close attention to your senior cat’s nutrition and food, and don’t forget to keep your senior cat active, moving and comfortable.

The Best Cat Breeds For Seniors – Final Thoughts

Many cat breeds can be the best companion for seniors. So, after you got an overview of the positive impact of cats and their benefits on seniors’ mental and physical health and a general idea about the best cat breeds for seniors, you can choose your companion and enjoy your new life with your new family member. 

Yeah, it will be literally a member of your family that you have to take care of it all the time. That’s why it is your job to plan for everything to make it easier for you and give your fluffy friend a happy life with you.

Now, after finishing this article, you can make your life full of joy and happiness by getting you a special companion to share love and space together.

We really hope you enjoyed reading this article about the best cat breeds for seniors, and we finally helped you make your final decision about the cat breed you want to adopt. And we also hope that you share your experience with us by writing a comment down below.

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