Can Dogs Eat Cherries? The Ugly Truth About Cherries For Dogs!



One of my followers last week got some Cherries and posted an important question, can dogs eat Cherries? At first glance, we might say, yea, why not! But the truth is different.

When you think about it, cherries are tasty and rich in important ingredients such as vitamins C and A, antioxidants, and fibers. With that in mind, it seems like a fantastic choice for a snack for your dog. Of course, all these vitamins, fibers, and antioxidants are essential for dogs, after all.

But can dogs eat Cherries? The quick answer is NO. They can’t eat Cherries.

Dogs are our best friends, and once we introduced them to our houses, they became members of the family. It is understandable to share your food with them, especially with that irresistible expression they have!

Every dog owner also knows that dogs need a balanced food with different vitamins and minerals. However, sometimes feeding our dogs homemade food and some snacks make it even better for them with healthy eating and fun at the same time for your dog.

Unfortunately, not every type of food we eat, our dogs can eat.

Therefore, in today’s article, we will discuss and answer the question of whether dogs can eat cherries and explain why the short answer was a NO.


Can Dogs Eat Cherries? The Answer!

As we mentioned above, the answer to the question, “Can dogs eat cherries?” Is a big NO-NO.

Dogs can’t eat Cherries, simple as that. Therefore, don’t even risk giving your dog Cherries.

These fruits are completely different from what a dog would naturally eat; they are also quite dangerous. 

The reason behind this is that the consumption of Cherries, including their pits, can lead to Cyanide’s poisoning after the metabolism inside your dog’s stomach.

Still, it is essential to realize that this problem can occur if your dog chews Cherry’s pits (Also known as Cherrystones). Furthermore, if your dog doesn’t chew it, the problem can occur differently as these stones can cause blockage and cause other problems.

Another reason dogs are at higher risk for problems from Cherries pits is that they are not ruminants. Ruminants are large that feed on plants called “herbivores” such as goats, sheep, or cows.

These animals have a digestive system that benefits from solid objects like rocks and pits going through them. This is not the same case for dogs.

Also, some people would ask another question regarding this topic. Can puppies eat cherries? 

Unquestionably not. Your Puppies will deal indeed graver than an adult dog with Cyanide poisoning.

So what makes Cherry pits so bad for your dogs?


Are Cherries A Potential Risk To Our Dogs, Toxic, Or Safe?

Providing a balanced diet for our dogs is essential—the same as giving a proper diet to our kids, it should consist of balanced food by adding the right amount of meat, vegetables, etc.

Nonetheless, sometimes we end up giving them a treat we saw in a market, or we cook for them some homemade treats to make them happy. But occasionally, we end up giving them the wrong food too.

You value your own diet, so naturally, you want the same for your best friend, your dog. Buying Cherries is an excellent healthy snack, and you might want to give your dog some of this tasty fruit.

And yummy, bite-sized fruits seem right up their alley.

But the question that might come to your mind is, Can dogs eat cherries safely without any risks?

Actually, it’s not Cherries that might hurt your dogs; it’s their pits. Cherries pits are known scientifically to contain a dangerous element called Amygdalin, and every 1 gram of Cherries contains 3.9 mg of Amygdalin.


This element metabolized in your dog’s stomach after ingestion into Hydrogen Cyanide. And that is the dangerous part of Cherries for your dog.

That alone may lead to what is called Cyanide poisonous and can be a life-threatening situation, as we are going to mention later on with its symptoms.

Additionally, Cyanide is possibly the most recognized poison among people due to many movies and stories about it. Also, Amygdalin is a cyanide generating chemical that exists in a lot of fruits.

And this is why we had never experienced dogs eating fruits (Not their natural diet) in the wild simply because when it comes to Cyanide poisoning, dogs are the least resistant animals.


Can Dogs Eat Black Cherries And Bing Cherries?

As we go through the answer to today’s question of can dogs eat Cherries, it is necessary to mention black and Bing Cherries.

Furthermore, you must know that both Black and Bing Cherries indeed contain less Amygdalin, but it’s still enough to create a dangerous amount of Hydrogen Cyanide that could harm your dog.

Therefore, it is for your dog’s best of interest to avoid any type of Cherries to avoid unnecessary complication which might hurt your dog or puppy badly.

What If Your Dog Already Ate Some Cherries

In some rare cases, you might put the bowl full of Cherries in front of your dog somewhere that is easy to reach. That may ignite some curiosity for your dog to try and begin chewing some of these Cherries! 

If this happens, don’t panic. First, make sure to take your dog to your veterinarian for a thorough check-up. During this period, you have to keep an eye on your dog for any related symptoms to Cyanide Poisoning. Usually, the symptoms appear anywhere between 15-20 minutes from the time of ingestion. 

However, if you had no idea when your dog ate the Cherries and how much they ate, you have to call your vet immediately as a case of emergency while observing your dog carefully.

We indeed answered the question of can dogs eat Cherries or not. However, it is essential to know more about Cherries-Cyanide poisoning symptoms to efficiently manage the condition in case of accidental ingestion of Cherries.


Symptoms Of Cyanide Poisoning In Dogs

There are different symptoms you might notice in your dog, such as nervousness, breathing rapidly, the dog is unrestrained, and vomiting.

But it would also be best if you looked out for intestinal blockage symptoms, including decreased appetite, vomiting, decreased fecal production, and constipation.

Noticing any of these symptoms after suspecting your dog eating Cherries is vital to provide a clear path for your vet for a proper diagnosis and, therefore, excellent management with an appropriate antidote.

Can Dogs Eat Cherries Without Pits?

Again! The short answer to this question is No. Taking off all the Cherry pits doesn’t make this food any safer for dogs. Also, Cherries aren’t natural food for your dog. Therefore, it would be best for your dog to avoid such food.

Also, avoiding Cherry pits is not the only way to protect your dog from harmful things. Remember that these fruits have a high amount of sugar, causing other health problems such as weight gain and diabetes in dogs

Additionally, overeating sugar-containing food can be a nasty habit that might affect your dog’s teeth. You must understand that teeth are a vital part of your dog’s body, so keep your dog’s teeth healthy and clean!



Now, after we went through all of this information about the answer to the question of can dogs eat Cherries, you must have a great idea of how bad can be this fruit to your dog.

Unfortunately, your dog can’t enjoy eating Cherries the same as you without any consequences. Therefore, putting your dog’s health first must be your priority. So, you must avoid feeding your dog such foods and provide it with the proper diet and treats.

Remember, there are different and healthier ways of giving your dog tasty dog treats that will be enjoyable and healthy. Moreover, cooking homemade food and treats is a great alternative to giving your dog a fun diet that will rock their days.

Finally, I hope you found this article to the question can dogs eat Cherries informative and helpful. Also, if you have more information related to this article, write them down below in the comment section. So, all dog owners will benefit from that.

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3 years ago

I’m happy that I came across this article. I have a dog, a very healthy mutt type, and she can eat just about anything without it affecting her. I don’t typically have cherries in my house but if I did for any reason, I certainly wouldn’t give her. I had learned at some point that the cherry pits are poisonous to humans and animals but I had forgotten. Thank you for reminding me!

3 years ago

I did not know that dogs could not eat cherries. Although I do not give them any cherries anyway, it is good to know, so I can tell other people who have dogs. I knew that apple seeds have cyanide and that’s why I always make sure to throw the seeds away right away when I peel an apple, so that my dogs can’t get to it, because anything that drops on the floor is gobbled up immediately. I do not even need a vaccuum cleaner, haha.
Throughout your article I kept on wondering if dogs could eat cherries without the pits, and I am glad you answered that question too. It makes sense, dogs do not naturally eat fruits that grow on trees. I did have a dog (he was a big Cane Corso mix) once who used to stand on his hind legs and rummage with his nose in tree branches, trying to find something interesting, but he must have been the exception to the rule. It was always funny to watch him do it.

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