Can Dogs Have Blueberries? 5 Essential Benefits Of Blueberries For Your Dog



Believe it or not, the question can dogs have Blueberries? It is one of the most common questions between dog owners. Why not! Blueberries are merely fantastic as healthy snacks for us with so many benefits for our bodies. 

Indeed, a slice of pizza or a scoop of chocolate ice cream might look like the optimal weekend snack for us. Dogs, on the other hand, might be picky at times, which makes spoiling them a little bit harder task to tackle.

But, aside from that, due to their different body needs, a pre-check with google became a vital step for dog owners when they are choosing the right treat or food for their dogs. Thus came the question, “can dogs have blueberries?” and an answer will be given in today’s article.


Why Are You Considering Feeding Your Dog Blueberries In The First Place? 

Why Blueberries! Why not hotdog or Swedish sausage! Is it their crispy peel, jelly cavity, or merely the funny picture of your little guy playing with them with his tongue? 

If it’s a random choice, well, congratulations! You are an excellent natural picker, Blueberries are well known as an ancient antioxidant superfood, rich in potassium, and vitamin C. And nutritionists don’t have a hard time when asked whether to recommend it or not. 

However, your dog here couldn’t care less about nutritionists, and veterinarians are the ones you should follow when seeking an answer for the question, “can dogs have blueberries?” to avoid incomplete or misguided information. However, today you will know better about Blueberries’ effect on your dog’s body and decide if it is a healthy treat.

Can Dogs Have Blueberries? The Answer!

If you have already purchased Blueberries, you might consider a 50/50 split between you and your dog before eating. Your dog deserves some pleasure, too.

Seriously though, if you are still struggling with the answer to the question “can dogs have Blueberries?” then, YES, is your answer, and, here, we explain why.

Finding the short answer can be so easy, and some people are satisfied with it. However, knowing more about Blueberries is essential for you as a dog owner. That’s because even though Blueberries has many benefits for your dog as we are going to mention today, still too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.


Blueberries – When Abundant Value Comes In A Tiny Jelly Ball (A Nutritional Guidebook Between The GOOD And, The BAD) 

Feeding your dog Blueberries can be a great way to provide it with many gains as we are going to mention them in a bit. Also, you can, for sure, feed your dog froze as well as fresh ones. But don’t forget to treat your dog with Blueberries in moderation and not too much as they have some disadvantages also!

Blueberries are very powerful fruit that shares the good, the bad, qualities. So, let’s have a closer look at Blueberries’ Pros and Cons for your dog. 

? Blueberries (The Good)

As we mentioned many times before, Blueberries has a fantastic potential to provide your dog with amazing nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants. The following are just some of its benefits for your dog’s body.

  • High In Nutrients

Don’t let their small size fool you; you will be surprised about what value is hidden beneath. Blueberries are rich in different nutrients such as vitamins and fibers; here is just a glimpse.

  1. Vitamin K
  2. Manganese 
  3. Vitamin C
  4. Fibers

Remember, your dog’s diet should contain such nutrients to provide its body with everything it needs to stay healthy.

  • Reduce DNA Damage

If you are noticing your dog getting older, then, you might want to pause on this point, if we’re going to let the nerd talk to the nerds, merely speaking, DNA damage is what makes you and I age, and, it’s undoubtedly what makes your dog getting bad at catching game.

How can Blueberries help with that?

Due to the variety of antioxidants found there (more on that in a bit), Blueberries reduce DNA damage by naturalizing some of the free radicals that considered the lead cause of DNA damage in the first place.

Long story short… “If given enough, Blueberries… Your dog could live a long and healthy life to grow old with you.”


  • Rich In Antioxidants

Antioxidants have many benefits for your dog’s body, including protection against free radicals. Also, Antioxidants are found in different varieties in many fruits and vegetables, yet, Blueberries are rich in antioxidants, which makes it one of the best choices between other fruits.

  • No More Blood Pressure

Is your doggy lacking the mood for playing the catching game, eating ice cream, or even going for a walk, then, high blood pressure might be the reason, with regular eating of Blueberries, it will help your dog’s blood pressure to be controlled and improved. However, if your vet suggested you give your dog medications for the high blood pressure, then it is essential to continue that and consult your vet. Blueberries will never be an alternative to medications.

  • It Helps To Prevent Heart Diseases

High blood pressure and oxidative LDL are considered some risk factors among others for heart diseases in dogs. Therefore, when eliminating such risk factors, it will help your dog to have a healthy life that will prevent heart diseases from developing. Blueberries may thus reduce or even prevent heart diseases by providing different nutrients that will protect your dog from these risk factors from hitting your dog through its life.


? Blueberries (The BAD)

Although they have many benefits, you might consider reading this before serving Blueberries to your dog. After all, “too much of good things can lead to bad things.” Indeed Blueberries can provide your dog with many benefits as mentioned above. But, they are not a natural food for your dog, and therefore, some precautions must be taken into consideration.

  • They Can Affect Your Dog’s Blood Sugar Levels

Overeating of Blueberries can alter your dog’s blood sugar levels, which can cause health problems and Diabetes. Also, if your dog already has diabetes, it is for the best to consult your vet before feeding your dog Blueberries as it may cause health issues. So, you might consider the good old meat for a snack instead.

  • Pesticides Might Be Part Of The Ingredients 

Organic Blueberries are usually ok, but is there anything natural left to eat in today’s world? It’s tough to tell whether your Blueberries are organic or not, and the answer might usually be the second.

In this case, there are some concerns you need to be aware of, as most of today’s Blueberries in the market are commercial ones, that are sprayed with harmful chemicals, that might do even more harm for your doggy than actually eating Blueberries. So, be careful.

  • Choking Hazards

Blueberries are amazing treats for your dog. However, eating it just like that may cause unpleasant incidents such as choking hazards, which may require an emergency intervention from your vet or a hospital to deal with this case. However, because this fruit is soft and small, it is very rare to cause this problem. But, if Blueberries are frozen, the risk increased to cause it. Therefore, to avoid such a risk, make sure to defrost it before serving Blueberries to small dogs.


My Opinion About Blueberries To Answer Today’s Question “Can Dogs Have Blueberries”

Blueberries are just amazing, with a lot to give. I love the idea that it can protect dogs from different health problems and provide them with needed ingredients. But, it is not their natural food and therefore, I prefer not to feed dogs Blueberries regularly and keep it only as a treat. Whether you decide to feed your dog Blueberries or not, remember that moderation is the key to keep your dog’s diet as healthy as possible.

Also, you must avoid feeding your dog random food without consulting your vet before, especially if your dog has health issues such as Diabetes. As you may even know, some types of food can be healthy for us but toxic for our pots, and therefore, it is mandatory to keep, your vet informed about your dog’s diet.

Finally, I hope you found this article to the question can dogs have Blueberries informative and helpful.

Also, if you have more information about Blueberries for dogs, please write them down below in the comment section. So, all dog owners will benefit from that.

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3 years ago


I love blueberries and they are indeed little antioxidant powerhouses! I did not know that they were so beneficial for dogs too, so I will give it to them as an occasional snack sometimes from now on.
I cook for my dogs and mix in their cooked food (with added vegetables) with their store bought dog food. My dogs are very healthy and don’t have any health issues. My older dog, Lucy (who is 14) has an irregular heart beat, due to her age, and so I am thinking of giving her blueberries, since you mentioned that it can help with heart issues. Would twice a week be ok, as a snack?

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